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How do different capacitor leakage current occur?

The capacitor medium cannot be absolutely non-conductive. The capacitor is applied with a DC voltage, the capacitor will have leakage current(LC). Electrolytic capacitor The two poles of the electrolytic capacitor are made of a dense insulating film that is electrochemically formed with an insulating medium in the middle. There will be leakage current when voltage is [...]

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5G Smart Museum, high technology brings cultural relics to life

The "5G Smart Museum" was unveiled at Henan Museum in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China on October 27, 2020. Holographic projection, remote real-time VR, immersive cinema, cultural relics restoration and protection observation, archaeological experience, after the 93-year-old Henan Museum plugged in information wings, the cultural relics in the museum were "live", bursting out in the collision [...]

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Why do LED drive power supply need aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

An important reason for the low lifespan of the LED drive power supply is the insufficient lifespan of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors required for the drive power supply. When working for a long time, the ambient temperature inside the LED lamp is very high, which causes the electrolyte of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor to be quickly [...]

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AG50 light sport aircraft, successfully flew for the first time

The "Lead Goose" AG50 light sport aircraft independently developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China made its first flight at the Zhanghe Airport in Jingmen, Hubei Province, China. The AG50 light sport aircraft is independently developed by the Special Aviation Institute of Aviation Industry General Aviation. It is an opportunity to develop the aviation industry [...]

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How to choose metal film capacitor used in LED lighting?

Metal film capacitor are widely used in LED lighting, electronics, home appliances, communications, electric power, electrified railways, hybrid cars, wind power, solar power and other industries. Different types of metal film capacitor have different advantages.We need to make the choice of metal film capacitor according to the requirements of LED lighting. The metal film capacitor used [...]

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Kenya and China cooperate in service trade to improve trade level

The 2020 China International Service Trade Fair opened in Beijing on the 4th. Kenya looks forward to promoting its economic recovery after the new crown pneumonia epidemic by participating in the Service Trade Fair. Highlights of Kenya-China trade Wilfred Maroube, CEO of the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Bureau, said that the agency's cooperation with the [...]

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Where are the main applications of amplifier capacitors?

Amplifier capacitors are electronic components that store excess power. Usually used to provide additional power boost when the audio signal reaches its peak, the amplifier capacitor will increase the dynamic headroom of the circuit. Amplifying capacitors exist in every amplifying circuit, but they are especially common in automotive audio applications. Most capacitors contain two conductive plates [...]

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Serbia’s second “Fire Eye” virus testing laboratory completed

The inauguration ceremony of Serbia's second "Fire Eye" virus testing laboratory, which was designed and donated by Chinese companies, was held on July 30 in the southern city of Nis. Serbian Prime Minister Brnabic, Minister of Health Roncar, and Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Chen Bo attended the inauguration ceremony. In his speech, Burnabic said that the [...]

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The 35th navy escort formation completes its first supplies

On July 24, the 35th navy escort formation was in a certain area of ​​the Gulf of Aden. As the integrated supply ship Chaohu successively supplied the guided missile destroyer Taiyuan and the guided missile frigate Jingzhou at sea, the 35th navy escort formation completed all three warships. Material replenishment. With the assistance of the support [...]

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