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electrolytic capacitor factory

Company Profile

We have more than 30 years experiences of capacitor industry, and 20 years experiences of manufacturering. We very familiar with capacitor industry.

Now have 180 production lines, daily output reach 10, 000, 00PCS. Have a 7-year business team, able to solve all problems in cooperation.

We have grown from 30 employees with an annual turnover of 150, 000 us dollars to more than 600 employees with an annual turnover of 2 million us dollars.

The product has developed from a single radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor to a diversified product, including, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor, solid electrolytic capacitor, snap in capacitor, screw electrolytic capacitor, metalized polypropylene film capacitor, metalized polyester film capacitor, safety capacitor X2, Y capacitor, DISC ceramic capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitors.



Our advantages:

Control quality

  • Aging 3 times for Cap,
  • Qualified capacitor requirements above 99%
  • The stability of the same batch of capacitor is controlled within 3%.

Production capacity:

  • More than 600 employees
  • 80,000,000pcs/per day
  • 2000 square meters of capacitor storage warehouse

After-sales services

  • Perform standardized after-sales service

Accept flexible payment methods

  • T/T, L/C, O/A……

2021 Our Industrial Park

Building-our-owm-industrial park


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