solder pin electrolytic capacitor technical characteristics

1. A solder pin  electrolytic capacitor, comprising an aluminum shell, characterized in that: the aluminum shell is provided with electrolytic paper, the electrolytic paper is wrapped with anode foil and cathode foil, and both the anode foil and the cathode foil are connected with lead strips. The outside of the paper is rolled into a core [...]

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Starting capacitors principle

Starting capacitors refer to AC electrolytic capacitors or polypropylene and polyester capacitors used to start single-phase asynchronous motors. The single-phase current flowing through a single-phase motor cannot generate a rotating magnetic field, and a capacitor is needed to separate the phases. The purpose is to make the current in the two windings produce a phase difference [...]

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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing process

There are eleven steps in the manufacturing  Aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing process, and each step is critical. Step 1: Corrosion of aluminum foil. The manufacturing essentials of aluminum foil. In order to increase the area of ​​war between the aluminum foil and the electrolyte, the appearance of the aluminum foil in the capacitor is not smooth. [...]

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The difference between high frequency and low frequency capacitors

The difference between high frequency and low frequency capacitors: 1. Low-frequency capacitor have large capacitance and are prone to leakage, while high-frequency electrolytic capacitor will not. 2. The internal resistance of low-frequency capacitor is larger than that of high-frequency electrolytic capacitor. 3. The capacity of high frequency capacitor is generally not as large as that of [...]

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Features of filter capacitor

Filter capacitor is a kind of energy storage device to improve high efficiency and smooth DC output. The features of filter capacitor are: ♦  Low temperature rise The harmonic filter circuit is composed of a capacitor series reactor, which forms the lowest impedance at a certain harmonic order to absorb a large amount of harmonic current. [...]

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The role of decoupling capacitors

The decoupling capacitors is mainly to remove the interference of high frequency such as RF signal, and the way of interference is through electromagnetic radiation. In fact, the capacitor near the chip also has the function of storing energy, which is second. You can think of the total power source as the Miyun Reservoir. Every household [...]

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Why do LED drive power supply need aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

An important reason for the low lifespan of the LED drive power supply is the insufficient lifespan of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors required for the drive power supply. When working for a long time, the ambient temperature inside the LED lamp is very high, which causes the electrolyte of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor to be quickly [...]

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What is a filter capacitor?

The filter capacitor is an energy storage device connected in parallel to the output of the rectifier power circuit to reduce the ripple coefficient of AC pulsation and smooth the DC output. In the use of electronic circuits that convert AC to DC power supply, the filter capacitor not only makes the DC output of the [...]

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What is a series capacitor and its function?

Series capacitor are also a kind of reactive power compensation equipment usually connected in series in ultra-high voltage lines of 330kV and above. Its main function is to improve the system voltage from the perspective of compensation (reduction) of reactance, so as to reduce power loss and improve system stability. Series capacitors are widely used in [...]

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Coupling method of coupling capacitor

The coupling method of the coupling capacitor is nothing more than acting on the electronic control system through wires, spaces, public lines, etc. The analysis mainly includes the following. Direct coupling: This is the most direct method of interference intrusion and the most common method in the system. For example, interference signals directly enter the system [...]

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