What is capacitance compensation

What is capacitance compensation Capacitance compensation is reactive power compensation or power factor compensation. The electrical equipment of the power system generates reactive power when in use, and it is usually inductive, which will reduce the efficiency of the power supply capacity, which can be improved by appropriately adding capacitance in the system. Power capacitor compensation [...]

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How to measure the quality of high-voltage capacitors

How to measure the quality of high-voltage capacitors Everyone knows that the voltages of high-voltage capacitors are 1KV, 2KV, 3KV, etc. Recently, I have seen some friends suggest how to judge the quality of their 10KV high-voltage capacitors. In fact, the method is very simple. I hope it can also help novices to solve this problem. [...]

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What types of SMD high voltage capacitors are there?

Regarding the SMD high voltage capacitors, he actually has another name, called ceramic multilayer chip capacitors, which can be regarded as a production process using ceramic powder. Its interior is constructed of precious metal palladium. It is sintered at a high temperature. It is made by plating silver on ceramics as electrodes. Products are divided into [...]

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Is the larger the capacitance the better?

Is the larger the capacitance the better? Intuitively, it seems that the larger the energy storage capacitor, the stronger the current compensation capability provided by the IC. Therefore, many people like to use large-capacity capacitors. In fact, this is a wrong concept. Due to the existence of parasitic inductance on the capacitor, the capacitor discharge circuit [...]

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How to judge the quality of motherboard capacitors?

How to simply judge the quality of motherboard capacitors from the appearance? You can start with the following aspects: Distinguish by color: black capacitors are the worst, green capacitors are better, and blue capacitors are stronger than green ones. Therefore, the filter capacitors around the CPU that we generally see on the motherboard are green, while [...]

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What is a farad capacitors?

Farad capacitors are also super capacitors. The capacity of supercapacitors is much larger than that of ordinary capacitors. Because of its large capacity and the same external performance as a battery, it is also called a "capacitor battery". Supercapacitors are electric double-layer capacitors. They are the largest electric double-layer capacitors in mass production in the world. [...]

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Uses of ceramic capacitors

The Uses of ceramic capacitors, this type of capacitors are commonly used in high-frequency circuits and high-voltage circuits, temperature compensation, and high temperature stability circuits. Bypass (decoupling) This is to provide a low-impedance path for some components connected in parallel in the AC circuit. In electronic circuits, decoupling capacitors and bypass capacitors both play an anti-interference [...]

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Important indicators about capacitance

Important indicators about capacitance Capacity: The capacity of the capacitor, that is, the capacity of the stored charge. The basic unit of capacity is farad (F), but on the motherboard we commonly use units such as microfarads (μF) and picofarads (pF) (the conversion relationship is 1 farad = 1000000 microfarads, 1 microfarad = 1000 nanofarads = [...]

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capacitor failure phenomena and repair methods

General capacitor failure phenomena: capacitor open circuit, breakdown, leakage, breakdown after power-on cause of issue 1. Open circuit of components After the capacitor can be developed open circuit, there is no function of forming a capacitor. After different circuit capacitor open circuit faults occur, it depends on the specific circuit fault phenomenon. .Buzzing, etc. After the [...]

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The role of power supply filter capacitor

The power amplifier power supply filter capacitor has three functions: 1. Filter the pulsed DC power obtained after rectification to reduce AC interference. 2. High-speed power supply. 3. Provide access for audio signals. The filtering effect of the capacitor on the power supply only shows whether there is AC interference to the power amplifier; the energy [...]

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