Capacitor step-down principle

The principle of capacitor step-down is not complicated. His working principle is to use the capacitive reactance generated by a capacitor at a certain AC signal frequency to limit the maximum operating current. For example, under 50Hz power frequency conditions, the capacitive reactance generated by a 1uF capacitor is about 3180 ohms. When 220V AC voltage [...]

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What are the main uses of capacitors?

There are many uses of capacitors, mainly as follows: 1. DC blocking: The function is to prevent DC from passing and allow AC to pass. 2. Bypass (decoupling): Provide a low-impedance path for some components connected in parallel in the AC circuit. 3. Coupling: As a connection between two circuits, allowing AC signals to pass through [...]

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Application of Super Capacitors in Automobile Control

A super capacitors is a very large capacitor with a capacitance of up to thousands of farads. According to the principle of the capacitor, the capacitance depends on the distance between the electrodes and the surface area of ​​the electrodes. In order to obtain such a large capacitance, it is necessary to reduce the distance between [...]

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What is a trimmer capacitor and its application

The trimmer capacitor is actually a variable capacitor, but the range of capacitance change is small, usually only a few picofarads to tens of picofarads. Trimming capacitors are divided into mica trimming capacitors, ceramic-mediated trimming capacitors, film trimming capacitors, pull-line trimming capacitors, and so on. It is often used as a compensation capacitor or correction capacitor [...]

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How to choose a filter capacitor?

The filter capacitor plays a very important role in the switching power supply. How to choose the filter capacitor correctly, especially the choice of the output filter capacitor, is a problem that every engineering and technical personnel is very concerned about. The ordinary electrolytic capacitor used in the 50Hz power frequency circuit has a pulsating voltage [...]

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mica capacitors the structure and characteristics

The medium of mica capacitors is mica sheet, and the electrodes are metal foil type and metal film type. Earlier mica capacitors consisted of metal foil or silver sprayed on the surface of the mica sheet to form electrodes, and then laminated them according to the required capacity and then diffused and pressed them into a [...]

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The structure of ceramic capacitors

Porcelain dielectric capacitors are also called ceramic capacitors. They use ceramic as a medium, coated with a metal film (usually silver) and sintered at high temperature to form electrodes, and then solder lead wires on the electrodes, and coat them with protective enamel or epoxy resin. And encapsulated by independent resin, it becomes a ceramic capacitor. [...]

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The structure and characteristics of polypropylene film capacitors

Polypropylene film capacitors belong to the category of organic film capacitor. Its dielectric is polypropylene film. There are two types of electrodes: metal sink type and metal film type. The coiled capacitor core is encapsulated with epoxy resin or packed into plastic and metal casings. In the package. Polypropylene capacitor made with metal film electrodes are [...]

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metallized paper capacitor characteristics

The metallized paper capacitor is to evaporate a layer of metal film with a thickness of 0.1μ on the capacitor paper coated with cellulose acetate as the electrode, and then use this metalized paper to wind into a core, spray gold on the end surface, and install The lead is put into the shell and packaged. [...]

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What is an electrolytic capacitor

What is an electrolytic capacitor Electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor. The metal foil is the positive electrode (aluminum or tantalum), and the metal oxide film (aluminum oxide or tantalum pentoxide) close to the positive electrode is the dielectric. The cathode is made of conductive materials and electrolyte (the electrolyte can be liquid or Solid) [...]

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