Heating of capacitors characteristics

1. About the Heating of capacitors With the miniaturization and weight reduction of electronic equipment, the mounting density of components is high, the heat dissipation is low, and the device temperature is likely to rise. In particular, although the heat generation of the power output circuit components has an important influence on the temperature rise of [...]

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How to choose the correct capacitor?

How to choose the correct capacitor? Capacitors are passive devices that we often use in circuits. Several commonly seen are aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and chip ceramic capacitors. Because of the characteristics of each capacitor, the corresponding application is different. Let's compare the differences and characteristics of several types of capacitors and summarize how to [...]

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What is the function of monolithic capacitors?

Monolithic capacitors are another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors, also called multilayer capacitors. What is the function of monolithic capacitors? Divided into the following points: 1. Energy storage exchange This is the most basic function of the monolithic capacitor, which is mainly used to generate and release electrical energy through its charging and discharging process. This [...]

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Causes of noise in film capacitors

Causes of noise in film capacitors Today’s power grids contain a variety of high-order harmonics, and they mainly exist in the form of current, and capacitors just like to be courteous with it. If someone nearby uses electric welding, or high-power electrical appliances with thyristor phase modulation, the electrodes of the capacitor It will vibrate and [...]

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Prospects and market of film capacitors

Prospects and market of film capacitors With the global advocacy of low-carbon and environmental protection, green travel, and the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles, the proportion of traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors is decreasing, and more advanced and more environmentally friendly film capacitors are gradually on the stage of the times. As a basic electronic [...]

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Application of super capacitor

Application of super capacitor The pulse power performance of supercapacitors, long application product life, and reliable operation in extreme temperature environments are completely suitable for applications that require repetitive energy pulses in a fraction of a second to a few minutes. It has become the preferred energy storage and power transmission solution for transportation, renewable energy, [...]

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How to choose the size of the filter capacitor?

We how to choose the size of the filter capacitor?First of all, the filter capacitor is not the bigger the better. The specific capacitance value to choose depends on the main working frequency on your PCB and the harmonic frequency that may affect the system. The number is selected according to your own needs, and then [...]

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The role of starting capacitor

The role of starting capacitor Simply put, the capacitor is used to generate a phase difference, and the motor magnetic field is "asynchronous", and the motor rotates. A single-phase asynchronous motor is composed of a main winding (also called a running winding) and a secondary winding (also called a starting winding). The two windings differ in [...]

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Maintenance of power capacitors

Power capacitor is a static reactive power compensation device. The maintenance of power capacitors is divided into the following situations: (1) Matters needing attention when handling capacitors  Under normal circumstances, when the whole station is powered off, the capacitor circuit breaker should be opened first, and then the outlet circuit breakers should be opened; when power [...]

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How to solve the damage of reactive power compensation capacitor?

1. The breakdown of the internal components of the reactive power compensation capacitor is mainly caused by poor production technology and overvoltage. Solution: Choose a good quality compensation capacitor and add an overvoltage protection device; 2. The insulation damage of the reactive power compensation capacitor to the shell: the lead wire of the compensation capacitor is [...]

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