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    As a film capacitor manufacturer, our standardized production process for film capacitors involves the following steps:

    • Film Selection: Selecting the appropriate film material based on specific requirements.
    • Film Cutting and Winding: Cutting the film to size and winding it onto a core using automated machinery.
    • Metallization: Applying a thin layer of metal to the film using a vacuum deposition process.
    • Electrode Formation: Forming the electrodes of the capacitor using a variety of techniques.
    • Impregnation and Encapsulation: Impregnating the capacitor with a dielectric fluid and encapsulating it in a plastic case or metal can.
    • Electrical Testing: Testing the capacitor for electrical performance including capacitance, voltage rating, and leakage current.
    • Quality Control: Conducting quality control checks to ensure that the capacitor meets specified standards and requirements.

    CBB series

     CBB Series


    We manufacture reliable and cost-effective CBB capacitors with high insulation resistance, low losses, and good stability, suitable for a diverse range of electronic circuits requiring high reliability, and designed to meet various capacitance and voltage requirements.

    As a manufacturer of CBB capacitors, we provide reliable and versatile solutions for a wide range of electronic circuits, using high-quality materials and strict quality control measures, and offering customized solutions and excellent customer service.

    Polyester film capacitor 

    Polyester film capacitors


    A polyester capacitor,is a type of capacitor that uses polyester film as its dielectric material. Polyester film is a type of polyester plastic that is widely used in electronic components because of its excellent physical and chemical properties.

    Polyester capacitors have good capacitance stability, low leakage current, low loss, and excellent high-temperature resistance, as well as a high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss factor. These characteristics make polyester capacitors suitable for high-precision, high-stability, and high-frequency response applications, such as filters, isolators, DC coupling, oscillating circuits, and amplifying circuits.

    Power film capacitor


    Power film capacitors have several advantages over other types of capacitors, such as electrolytic capacitors. They have a longer lifespan, higher operating temperature range, and lower leakage current, making them more reliable in harsh environments. Additionally, they have low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance), which means they are better at handling high frequency applications.

    Power film capacitors are commonly used in power electronics, such as power supplies, motor drives, and inverters, as well as in renewable energy systems, like wind turbines and solar inverters. They can also be used in DC-DC converters, snubber circuits, and other high voltage and high current applications.