The 2020 China International Service Trade Fair opened in Beijing on the 4th. Kenya looks forward to promoting its economic recovery after the new crown pneumonia epidemic by participating in the Service Trade Fair.

  • Highlights of Kenya-China trade

Wilfred Maroube, CEO of the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Bureau, said that the agency’s cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Kenya has attracted many Kenyan services providers to participate in this service trade fair. Services trade will become the next bright spot in the trade between Kenya and China. He said: “China is one of Kenya’s largest trading partners. In Kenya’s export promotion and brand agency export strategy, China is one of the 22 priority markets we have established. In this special fiscal year, we participate in China International Trade The Service Fair was conducted in this context. It recommended to us a trade area that we did not notice. We have always focused on the export of goods, but the goods are subject to logistics. Therefore, we are cooperating with the Chinese Embassy in Kenya To ensure Kenya’s export services and provide potential service support.”

  • Economic recovery in the “post-epidemic era”

Maroube said that the Service Trade Association provides a comprehensive services platform for companies in the fields of medical care, information communication, logistics, banking and insurance. Especially in the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the import and export of goods has been hindered a lot. Trade in services will play a role in economic recovery in the “post-epidemic era”.

Marube said, “This is why this special service trade fair is very important. We can understand the needs of the Chinese market, and the Chinese market also needs to understand what services are available in Kenya. Trade in services is not a commodity, they are basically intangible. . But they basically provide people with an opportunity to make money and also contribute to the national economy.”

China’s economic development is strong and the Chinese market has huge potential. Kenya and China will further explore service trade cooperation and improve the quality and level of bilateral trade.