Reduce dependence? Foreign companies in China are reluctant to leave

Reduce dependence? Foreign companies in China are reluctant to leave Both the US and Japan are urging domestic companies to reduce their dependence on China. But few companies want to abandon China's skilled workers and efficient raw material suppliers. Sayeddin, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, said: "As far as I know, [...]

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WHO: Swine flu virus is not a new virus

On July 1, local time, WHO held a regular press conference on New Coronary Pneumonia. In response to relevant research on Chinese Swine flu virus, Michael Ryan, WHO health emergency project leader, said that since 2011, relevant Chinese agencies, The Global Influenza Surveillance Network and the WHO Collaborating Center have been monitoring this virus, and the [...]

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“Unblocking” does not mean “unblocking”

The WHO confirmed that "Unblocking" does not mean "unblocking". As of the morning of June 29, Central European Time, there have been more than 10 million confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide. For some time, some countries where the new crown epidemic has gradually eased have relaxed some prevention and control measures and gradually resumed normal [...]

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The exploration No 2 ship Sanya is officially listed in the Chinese deep sea

The exploration No 2 ship to arrive at Nanshan Port of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City,which is officially listed.China's deep-sea scientific research adds another weapon. Exploration No 2 ship China's first manned submersible supporting and supporting mother ship equipped with localized scientific research operation equipment. It was obtained from a marine engineering ship after [...]

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What role does the Belt and Road have in building a new type of international relations

China and more countries are working together to build the “Belt and Road” with the “Five Links” as the core content, forming a new layout of internal and external linkages, integrated land and sea opening up, and extending the ancient “Silk Road” to the modern version of the international “Chorus” . 1. Policy communication concept. Strengthening [...]

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Global epidemic, recent changes in these countries

With the global epidemic out of control, let’s take a look at the recent changes in these countries during the global epidemic 01 China General Administration of Customs: Suspension of US Tyson Poultry Products Export to China 02 8 confirmed cases of PepsiCo Beijing branch have been suspended and suspended 03 According to data from the [...]

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Australia’s dependence on China | China-Australia relations

Australia's dependence on China | China-Australia relations The current relationship between Australia and China is not pleasant. Canberra's attitude of seeking the answers to the source of the global pandemic angered Beijing. In the past month, Australia has issued some lethal sanctions and travel warnings. Many people urged Australia to reduce its economic dependence on China, [...]

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China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic Summit

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 16th that the upcoming China-Africa Solidarity  Anti-epidemic Summit will not only further gather consensus on China-Africa Solidarity and Anti-epidemic, and promote new developments in China-Africa cooperation, but also Support multilateralism and strengthen international anti-epidemic cooperation to inject new impetus. Chinese President Xi [...]

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Online Canton Fair officially opened today

The first online Canton Fair in history officially met with foreign traders today. From June 15 to 24, the 10-day 127th Canton Fair was completely free for exhibitors and buyers. Exhibition scale There are about 25,000 Chinese companies participating in the Canton Fair, and 50 exhibition areas will be set up according to 16 categories of [...]

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The 127th Canton Fair opens next Monday.Three days countdown!

The 127th Canton Fair opens next Monday. This Canton Fair will set up 50 exhibition areas according to 16 categories of products. All exhibits will be displayed online during the same period from June 15 to 24. It will integrate online display, promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation, etc. Integrate to form a one-stop all-weather [...]

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