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Important indicators about capacitance

Important indicators about capacitance Capacity: The capacity of the capacitor, that is, the capacity of the stored charge. The basic unit of capacity is farad (F), but on the motherboard we commonly use units such as microfarads (μF) and picofarads (pF) (the conversion relationship is 1 farad = 1000000 microfarads, 1 microfarad = 1000 nanofarads = [...]

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June 12 World No Child Labor Day

The International Labor Organization established the World No Child Labor Day in 2002, focusing on the global attention to child labor and the actions needed to eliminate this phenomenon. Every year on June 12th, governments, employers' and workers' organizations, civil society, and hundreds of millions of people from all over the world gather to highlight the [...]

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capacitor failure phenomena and repair methods

General capacitor failure phenomena: capacitor open circuit, breakdown, leakage, breakdown after power-on cause of issue 1. Open circuit of components After the capacitor can be developed open circuit, there is no function of forming a capacitor. After different circuit capacitor open circuit faults occur, it depends on the specific circuit fault phenomenon. .Buzzing, etc. After the [...]

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The role of power supply filter capacitor

The power amplifier power supply filter capacitor has three functions: 1. Filter the pulsed DC power obtained after rectification to reduce AC interference. 2. High-speed power supply. 3. Provide access for audio signals. The filtering effect of the capacitor on the power supply only shows whether there is AC interference to the power amplifier; the energy [...]

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The economic impact of China’s new crown vaccination

May 31. China's vaccination campaign is progressing rapidly. On May 28, China's new crown vaccination dose exceeded 600 million, which is only 5 days after the 500 million dose on May 23. The American "Wall Street Journal" published an article that if China can maintain such a speed, it is expected to change people's expectations of [...]

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Common problems in the selection of film capacitors

Common problems in the selection of film capacitors A. improper selection of rated voltage The rated voltage is improperly selected, and the most frequent place is the resonant circuit part (C5). R&D personnel should base on the equipment's rated power, input voltage, circuit topology, inverter control method, load material, load magnetic load rate, circuit Q value [...]

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EU provides 8 million euros in emergency aid to Palestine

After the Palestinian and Israeli sides formally ceasefire on May 21, the European Union announced on the 25th that it would provides 8 million euros in emergency aid to Palestine to support the Palestinian people affected by the current round of conflict. According to the announcement issued by the European Commission on the same day, 8 [...]

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Discrimination of Electrolytic Capacitor Polarity

Discrimination of Electrolytic Capacitor Polarity The capacitance is deviated. Generally, the polarity will be marked with a symbol on the capacitor. Generally, the negative electrode is marked as "-" and the opposite is the positive electrode. The accuracy level of the capacitor corresponds to the allowable error. Generally I, II, and III are commonly used for [...]

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EU introduces sustainable development plan for marine economy

The European Commission announced a new plan on 17th to promote the sustainable development of the EU's marine economy. The European Commission issued a statement on the same day that a sustainable marine economy is essential to achieving the sustainable development goals of the European economy and ensuring economic recovery in the new crown epidemic. The [...]

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