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EU and U.S. suspend mutual punitive tariffs

The EU and the United States have reached an agreement to suspend some punitive tariffs on each other. Although the peace agreement has not yet been signed, it is at least a truce, and this gives the economic community the hope of ending the costly trade war between the United States and Europe. The agreement is [...]

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The structure of ceramic capacitors

Porcelain dielectric capacitors are also called ceramic capacitors. They use ceramic as a medium, coated with a metal film (usually silver) and sintered at high temperature to form electrodes, and then solder lead wires on the electrodes, and coat them with protective enamel or epoxy resin. And encapsulated by independent resin, it becomes a ceramic capacitor. [...]

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China’s two sessions world Significance

China's two sessions world Significance Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 2nd. Xinhua News Agency’s foreign correspondents report: 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and also the first year of the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the start of a new journey of building a modern socialist [...]

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The structure and characteristics of polypropylene film capacitors

Polypropylene film capacitors belong to the category of organic film capacitor. Its dielectric is polypropylene film. There are two types of electrodes: metal sink type and metal film type. The coiled capacitor core is encapsulated with epoxy resin or packed into plastic and metal casings. In the package. Polypropylene capacitor made with metal film electrodes are [...]

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Chinese traditional festival Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Little New Year's Day, New Year's Eve or Lantern Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. The first lunar month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called "night" as "xiao". The fifteenth of the first lunar month is the first full moon night [...]

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metallized paper capacitor characteristics

The metallized paper capacitor is to evaporate a layer of metal film with a thickness of 0.1μ on the capacitor paper coated with cellulose acetate as the electrode, and then use this metalized paper to wind into a core, spray gold on the end surface, and install The lead is put into the shell and packaged. [...]

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Chinese Spring Festival customs

The Chinese Spring Festival is the most grand and grand traditional folk festival in China. It is a folk festival that integrates praying for blessings and disasters, celebrating entertainment and eating. The Chinese Spring Festival has a long history, evolved from the ritual of praying for the first year of the year in the ancient times, [...]

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What is an electrolytic capacitor

What is an electrolytic capacitor Electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor. The metal foil is the positive electrode (aluminum or tantalum), and the metal oxide film (aluminum oxide or tantalum pentoxide) close to the positive electrode is the dielectric. The cathode is made of conductive materials and electrolyte (the electrolyte can be liquid or Solid) [...]

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Chinese special gourmet Wuhan hot dry noodles

Hot dry noodles is one of the most famous snacks in Wuhan. There are many methods. It uses alkaline water, and uses cooking oil, sesame paste, salad oil, sesame oil, chives, garlic seeds, diced radish, capers, brine juice, raw Supplementary materials are drawn. The hot-dried noodles are yellow and oily in color and delicious. Because of [...]

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Air conditioner capacitor what is the role of

Air conditioners are used very frequently in daily life, so what is the function of air conditioner capacitor and how to buy air conditioner capacitors? The air conditioner capacitors is a device that starts the motor. If the motor does not rotate after power on, it means that the capacitors is broken. Once the capacitors is [...]

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