An individual can form its own unique operating system, and multiple structures together can form the entire electrical operation process. The core component is the capacitor. Although the proportion of other parts is not as good as the capacitor, the individual is indispensable, so it is probably Summarize the composition and function of the various factors of the capacitor, I hope to help you.

The nominal capacitance is the electrical number marked on the surface of the device. The error between the actual capacitance and the nominal capacitance is called the error, and the allowed error scale is called the accuracy. The effective value of the high DC voltage that can be continuously applied to the capacitor at low ambient temperature and rated ambient temperature is generally directly marked on the capacitor shell. If the working voltage exceeds the product’s upper limit withstand voltage, the capacitor will be broken down, and it will not be corrected. Damage. The DC voltage is applied to the capacitor and generates a leakage current. The ratio of the two is called the insulation resistance. When the actual value is small, it mainly depends on the appearance state of the capacitor, and secondly depends on the function of the medium. The larger the insulation resistance, the better.

Secondly, under the effect of the electric field, the energy consumed by the product in a unit of time due to heat is called loss. All kinds of products have stipulated the loss allowed value in a certain frequency scale. The loss of the capacitor is mainly caused by the medium, the conductance loss and the resistance of all the metal parts of the capacitor. Under the effect of the direct current electric field, the loss of the product exists in the form of leakage conduction loss, which is generally small. Under the effect of the alternating electric field, the loss of the product is not only related to the leakage conduction. As the frequency increases, the capacity of general capacitors will decrease.

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