Why can’t the Y capacitor capacity be too large?

Y capacitors are capacitors that are respectively connected between the two lines of the power line and the ground (LE, NE). The medium is ceramic, which is a type of ceramic capacitor. Y capacitors are different from high-voltage ceramic capacitors. Y capacitors are safety capacitors. After failure, it will not cause electric shock and will not endanger personal injury. Since the Y capacitor is so good, why not make the capacity larger so that it can be used more widely? In fact, this is for a reason.

Why can't the Y capacitor capacity be too large?It is stipulated that the capacity of Y capacitors should not be greater than 0.1uF. Among the Y capacitors produced by most manufacturers, the large capacity of Y1 is 4700pF, and the large capacity of Y2 is 10000pF. As for why there is no larger Y capacitor, the main reasons are:

1. The current production process is limited. Because Y capacitors are different from ordinary high-voltage ceramic capacitors, they have to withstand higher pulse voltages, and there can be no risk after the capacitor fails, so the ceramic medium cannot be too thin, resulting in a small capacitance value .

2. In the scope of application, Y capacitors are mostly used to suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply, so they are often connected between the power line and the ground line. The power supply in my country is 50Hz AC, and the capacitor has the ability to block DC and AC, so there is a certain current through the Y capacitor after the power is turned on. The greater the capacitance value, the greater the current flowing, and the current is called Leakage current.

At present, there is a leakage current requirement in electrical equipment. For machines working in tropical zones, the ground leakage current must not exceed 0.7mA; for temperate machines, the ground leakage current must not exceed 0.35mA, otherwise there will be hidden dangers. The Y capacitor must not be too large. The capacity of Y capacitors cannot be increased because of the limitations of the current production technology. I believe that the future technological advancement can produce large-capacity Y capacitors. With the current technology, quality assurance is the most important thing. We must also pay attention to ensuring large-capacity. Quality is important, so when purchasing capacitors, you should also look for a regular capacitor manufacturer. xuansn is a manufacturer specializing in the production of capacitors, and has a wealth of experience and an excellent team. It is the best choice for you to buy capacitors.Why can’t the Y capacitor capacity be too large?