On July 24, the 35th navy escort formation was in a certain area of ​​the Gulf of Aden. As the integrated supply ship Chaohu successively supplied the guided missile destroyer Taiyuan and the guided missile frigate Jingzhou at sea, the 35th navy escort formation completed all three warships. Material replenishment.

With the assistance of the support base in Djibouti, the 35th navy escort fleet relies on domestic material raising channels and adopts cold chain technology to organize materials forward. The Chaohu ship berthed at the Djibouti port terminal from July 22 to 23, replenishing dozens of tons of food and other materials transferred from domestic merchant ships to the ship.

On the arrival of the August 1st Army Day, the 35th navy escort formation was supplied with fresh vegetables and fruits from the motherland in Djibouti. This is the most heartwarming holiday gift. Li Xiaowen, squad leader and technician of the Chaohu ship’s supply equipment, and his comrades braved the scorching sun to carry supplies.

In response to this replenishment, the 35th navy escort formation carefully analyzed the epidemic situation in the Gulf of Aden area, scientifically selected the replenishment time, location, and method, and achieved zoning responsibility and fixed personnel positioning for key links such as pilot boarding and storage routes. The supply is safe and smooth.

Since the Navy’s 35th escort formation set sail on April 28, it has been continuously fighting on the escort routes and has completed 12 escort missions for 25 ships.

The Chinese Navy’s escort formation is a fleet of ships escorted overseas by the Chinese Navy. It is a military operation of the Chinese Navy in escorting waters in the Gulf of Aden where Somali pirates frequently occur since the end of 2008.This military operation was carried out by the Central Military Commission of China in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions, referring to the practices of relevant countries, and obtaining the consent of the Somali government.

The main contents of the Chinese navy’s escort operations are: to protect the safety of Chinese ships navigating the waters; to protect the safety of ships carrying humanitarian supplies by world organizations such as the World Food Program. Usually, after the escort mission ends, the escort formation will conduct ship visits to some coastal countries on the route to strengthen military cooperation between the two sides.