In appearance, the difference between monolithic capacitors and ceramic capacitors is: monolithic capacitor are actually ceramic chip capacitor sintered after welding the leads, generally square, while ceramic capacitor are chip-shaped, mostly in the shape of a wafer; capacity and In terms of withstand voltage, the difference between monolithic capacitor and ceramic capacitor is: under the same volume, the capacitance of monolithic capacitor is much larger than that of ceramic capacitor, while the withstand voltage of ceramic capacitor is higher than that of monolithic capacitor.

What is the difference between the characteristics of monolithic capacitor and those of ceramic capacitor?

The characteristics of monolithic capacitor are:

1. Large and stable electric capacity, the capacity range is 10pF~10uF;

2. Small size, smaller than CBB capacitor;

3. good high temperature and humidity resistance;

4. the temperature drift coefficient is small

The characteristics of ceramic  capacitor are:

1. Small size, good high frequency characteristics;

2. Higher voltage resistance than monolithic capacitors;

3. the capacity is small, the maximum is only 0.1uF;

4. The price is lower than monolithic capacitors.

Because monolithic capacitor and ceramic chip capacitor have different characteristics, their applications in life are different. Monolithic capacitor are mainly used in LCD watches, electronic cameras, micro instruments, medical instruments, and electronic tuners; Ceramic capacitor are mainly used in high-frequency oscillation circuits, bypasses, and decoupling.