Unbearable He finally opened fire on the United States

Unbearable, he finally opened fire on the United States, scolding the US government for its nonsense.

You must know that looking around the world, it is no exaggeration to say that among the heads of all international organizations, he is now the most tiring and worrying, but the one who has suffered the most.

He generally treats all kinds of accusations and abuse from the outside world indifferently.

But he is such an honest African. Now he is finally pressed by the United States, and he is full of fire and scolds American officials for being too capable.

He is the Tedros that the Chinese are very familiar with.

Former Ethiopian Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs, now Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Tedros was very angry that the US Secretary of State Pompeo went to the UK a few days ago, and when he met with British lawmakers in private, he spoke out loudly, saying that China had “buyed” him. Moreover, Pompeo also claimed that “politics” such as WHO, rather than errors of scientific institutions, led to “death cases in the UK.”

In a word: Tedros was “buyed” by China. You and the United Kingdom have died so many people, you blame him and the WHO.

A big pot, “boom” came from London.

This is a very serious allegation, and the impact must be very bad.

After watching the video, Tan Desai responded in Geneva and was very angry: Those claims are false, unacceptable, and have no basis.

Then, he went on to say:

The only focus of our entire organization is to save lives. If there is one thing that is vital to us and to the entire international community, it is to save lives. The WHO will not be distracted by these comments, and we do not want the entire international community to be distracted.

Alas, this world can’t help but remind people of that poem:

Despicable is the pass of the despicable,

Noble is the epitaph of the noble,

Look, in the gilded sky,

is full of curved reflections of the dead…