The “Lead Goose” AG50 light sport aircraft independently developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China made its first flight at the Zhanghe Airport in Jingmen, Hubei Province, China.

The AG50 light sport aircraft is independently developed by the Special Aviation Institute of Aviation Industry General Aviation. It is an opportunity to develop the aviation industry in the vertical direction and insist on deepening general aviation to provide lateral structural reforms, targeting aviation clubs, general aviation companies, aviation schools and private flights. Market demand, tailor-made high-safety, high-comfort, specific light sports aircraft.

According to reports, the AG50 light sport aircraft has good aerodynamic characteristics, low stall speed, and standard parachutes, which effectively improves the safety of man and machine. The AG50 aircraft adopts two-seater side-by-side, upper monoplane, conventional tail wing layout, streamlined hollow, front three-point fixed landing gear, maximum take-off weight of 650 feet, effective interval of 245 feet, maximum range of 650 feet, and maximum flight speed of 222 feet per hour. It adopts low-cost composite material body, self-developed integrated avionics system, and full-machine push-pull cable control system. The engine is ROTAX912 using ordinary gasoline, which has low manufacturing and operating costs

As a new generation of light sports aircraft, AG50 aircraft is favored by enterprises in the fields of entertainment experience, aviation sports, flight training and private flight. After the successful first flight of AG50, the first batch of users such as Beijing Silk Road General Aviation Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jinjin General Aviation Co., Ltd., Hubei Tongcheng General Aviation Co., Ltd., and China Industry Warwick Aviation Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a 100 Purchase contract for the remaining aircraft.