Military DC high voltage ceramic capacitors use DC voltage as the working voltage, which is often more stringent than civilian ones. There will be clear indicators in all aspects, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Tinned layer;
2. Lead or screw lead;
3. Loss angle;
4. Capacity deviation;
5. Temperature shock and voltage treatment (voltage-temperature limit);
6. Structural design;
7. Insulation layer;
8. Insulation resistance and leakage current;
9. High frequency characteristics;
10. Life;
11. Vibration;
12. Quality consistency;
13. Destructive testing;
14. Packaging

High-voltage ceramic capacitors are epoxy resin encapsulated capacitors with dielectric ceramic as the core material. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, high-voltage ceramic capacitors mainly refer to capacitors with AC working voltage above 10KV, or ceramic capacitors with DC working voltage above 40KV.

Due to the stability and long-life characteristics of ceramic capacitors, as well as safety and reliability, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are getting more and more attention, and will replace film-type oil-immersed capacitors within a certain range. Therefore, the definition of high-voltage ceramic capacitors will follow the development of technology Deepen the connotation continuously with the application. Military DC High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors will also become a must.