The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) has issued a warning that banning the use of Chinese 5G suppliers for geopolitical reasons will increase the cost of network construction and delay the network upgrade process.

In a strongly worded statement, ECTA stated that the organization “condemns any bans imposed on Chinese 5G suppliers for geopolitical reasons, and emphasizes that such decisions can only be made on the basis of solid facts.”

The statement emphasized that excluding specific suppliers will harm the interests of consumers and the industry, and undermine the cohesion of the market.

The Director General of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association, Luc Andrex, told Reuters that the statement reflects the concerns of the members of the Association. The use of the so-called EU 5G security “toolbox” to assess the risks of telecommunications equipment suppliers has led to more and more The EU member states imposed a de facto ban on China.

“The reduction in the number of global suppliers from 5 to 3 will increase costs and have a negative impact on performance. It will also delay 5G network deployment and limit innovation potential, which will have a serious impact on the telecommunications industry.” ECTA said.

The members of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association cover more than 100 leading telecommunications operators and digital solution providers in Europe.