Xuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—On January 9, 2024, Dongguan Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully held the fourth quarter improvement innovation and quality pacesetters commendation conference, aiming to commend employees with outstanding performance in improvement innovation and quality at the conference , spoke highly of the efforts and contributions of outstanding employees, and issued certificates of honor and bonuses in recognition of their outstanding performanceXuansn Capacitor Commendation ConferenceXuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—Work hard and climb to the top bravelyXuansn capacitor

Xuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—Chairman’s speech

“The first is to work hard and make a little progress every day; the second is to have an empty cup mentality and humbly accept other people’s opinions. If you can do these two things, I believe everyone present can become a quality model!”XuansnXuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—progress starXuansnXuansnXuansnXuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—Quality pacesetterXuansnXuansn Capacitor Commendation ConferenceXuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—Improvement and innovationXuansn capacitorXuansn capacitorXuansn capacitorXuansn capacitor

The 2023 Commendation Conference was successfully completed! During this year, everyone’s work responsibility, teamwork, and execution capabilities have improved greatly. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard, maintain their love, create an atmosphere of truth-seeking and pragmatism, strengthen management, innovate and create efficiency, strive for excellence, and further clarify the work goals and tasks for 2024. In 2024, starting from the “heart”, let us work together to make new contributions to a better tomorrow for Xuansn!


Xuansn Capacitor Commendation Conference—It is mainly divided into commendation links such as Progress Star, Quality Pacesetter and Improvement and Innovation. This commendation meeting was successfully completed. Let us work together to strive for a better tomorrow for Xuanxuan.To learn more about electrolytic capacitors, please click:https://xuanxcapacitor.com

Company Profile:

Xuansn Electronic is located in Chang’an Town, Dongguan.Our factory currently has an independent production base industrial park with a construction area of 40,000 square meters and complete facilities. Our company currently mainly produces aluminum electrolytic capacitors,is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service.

Drawing on advanced international management experience, we have established a research and development system and laboratories, and have passed ISO9001, IS014001, and QC080000 system certifications. At present, all products have passed ROHS, REACH, and TSCA tests and meet international environmental protection requirements.
The company has industry-leading production equipment, more than 250 fully automatic production lines, and a full range of production supporting capabilities. The main products include ultra-small, ordinary, low leakage, high frequency and low resistance, high voltage, conductive foil and other series capacitors.
We have a professional customization team to meet customer needs and can tailor personalized product solutions for customers in various aspects such as hardware and services.
Our production capacity reaches more than 300 million pieces per month, and we are equipped with a 3,000 square meter finished product warehouse to store regular products and create conditions for rapid delivery.
In the future, Dongguan Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to be oriented by customer needs, driven by technological innovation, adhering to a pragmatic, enterprising, rigorous, outstanding and efficient style, actively exploring international and domestic markets, paying close attention to quality as a guarantee, and continuing to provide customers with More competitive products and solutions.Xuansn