On December 24, 2022, in order to further deepen the civilized sharing plan for enterprise employees, deliver services to the “doorstep” of enterprises, and open up the “last mile” of contact and service for enterprise employees, the New Era Civilization Practice Center and Books The staff of the library walked into the Xuansn Capacitor Culture Love Care Class and brought a vivid, rich and interesting class to the children, allowing them to get close to picture book reading and cultivate their good reading and living habits.

Xuansn Capacitor Culture

Xuansn Capacitor Culture-Wonderful Share

🍓The story the teacher told the children in this lesson was “Rainbow Colored Flowers”. When they saw the title, the children were deeply attracted. Through lively language and exaggerated forms of expression, the library teacher vividly presents the cleverly conceived plot and unexpected ending of the story in front of the children. From the story, the children are like rainbow-colored flowers, giving selflessly, sacrificing themselves for others, and not asking for anything in return. Let the child’s mood change from happiness-sadness-surprise with the development of the storyline. Children can experience the joy of helping others, the sadness when the iridescent flower withers, and the surprise when the iridescent flower comes back to life.

The value and charm of the picture book “Rainbow Colored Flowers” lies in that it does not have a single dogma, but it can meet the growth needs of children. There is no reasoning, but it can inspire children to think deeply. There is no noise at all, but it can arouse children’s knowing laughter. We must constantly explore the value of picture books, and show children the splendor of picture books in various forms, so that children can understand in games, grow in understanding, and be happy in growing up.

Curriculum Interaction

🍑During the course, the children listened carefully, thought hard, raised their hands enthusiastically, and actively participated in the classroom interaction. They not only gained gifts, but also gained knowledge.

Xuansn Capacitor Culture

After the story in the picture book, the teacher took the children to make a handmade —color windmill. When the children make it carefully, the colorful windmills are as gorgeous and warm as the rainbow flowers in today’s story.

🍒The love care class was launched in June 2022. It is mainly to solve the problem that the children of employees are left unattended after school and when their parents are not off work. At present, more than 20 children of employees have participated. The care class is mainly based on basic nursing services. Air conditioners and TVs are installed in the care room, and special caregivers are set up for management. In the nursery class, children can engage in rich activities such as extracurricular reading, painting and graffiti, creative handicrafts, nursery rhyme learning, and popular science videos, which not only cultivate hobbies, develop potential, but also exercise thinking and cultivate sentiment. Waiting for mom and dad to get off work in a safe, fulfilling and meaningful course.

Work hard and continue the love. Thanks to the library for sending children’s books and wonderful courses to the love care class, and thanks to the company for providing care services for the children of all employees, caring and warming everyone. In future activities, the company’s love care class will explore and make progress together with the children, so that more employees’ children can grow up happily in a relaxed and happy atmosphere through both “care” and “teaching”.