On the evening of November 29, 2022, hosted by the Xiegang Town Federation of Trade Unions, undertaken by Lucky Star Flower Shop, and co-organized Xuansn capacitor supplier, the flower art salon with the theme of “Flower Fragrance Joys Life, Praise for the New Era” was successfully held in Chuanghui Industrial Park . The purpose of the activity is to further inherit the traditional Chinese art of flower arrangement, relieve the work pressure of employees, improve the quality of life and artistic accomplishment of employees, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees.

Catch the first little happiness in early winter

At the beginning of the activity, the flower arrangement teacher taught the daily maintenance knowledge of various flowers on the spot, which greatly benefited the employees who love flowers present. Secondly, she demonstrates the basic skills of making flower arrangements, modeling and aesthetic appreciation of flower arrangement art and other basic knowledge.

Early winter is the dusk bitten by the universe

The scene has already been arranged, exquisite and elegant, warm and romantic, with all the production tools and delicate flower materials ready, put aside the tedious life and troubles of work, and enjoy the joy of life brought by flowers.

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You have a date with autumn and winter afternoon

Autumn and winter are not necessarily desolate and lonely, but they can also be bright and warm, colorful and full-bodied. Select special flowers for autumn and winter, so that everyone can feel the colorful colors in the flowers.

Hi! Here is a beautiful autumn and winter, please sign for it

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Enjoy flower art, create a better life

The ladies and sisters are really super beautiful in arranging flowers carefully. After the steps of selection-trimming-insertion-embellishment, bunches of flowers are in their hands, completing the process from conception to presentation, integrating exclusive mind and fragrance In one flower and one leaf, making a beautiful flower basket with your own hands is the most unique gift and reward for yourself.

This event enriched the employees’ spiritual and amateur cultural life, allowing employees to relax and release work pressure after busy work, and enjoy the fun brought by flower arrangement. In the next step,  Xuansn capacitor supplier will continue to organize various types of learning and exchange activities, continuously enhance the cohesion of employees, and continue to stimulate employees’ passion and enthusiasm for work.