The WHO confirmed that “Unblocking” does not mean “unblocking”. As of the morning of June 29, Central European Time, there have been more than 10 million confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide. For some time, some countries where the new crown epidemic has gradually eased have relaxed some prevention and control measures and gradually resumed normal production and life. Global experts generally believe that it is particularly important to proceed cautiously and gradually to resume production. “Unblocking” does not mean “unblocking”. It requires the close cooperation of the government, enterprises, and the public to overcome the paralyzing mentality, prepare emergency plans, and effectively respond to possible emergence. The epidemic rebounded.

Tan Desai said at a regular press conference that the key issue that all countries will face in the coming months is how to coexist with this virus, which is a “new normal.” He called on all countries to consistently take five priority measures to reverse the situation.

  • First of all, strengthen the role of the community, isolate your home when you are unwell, wear masks in public places, and only share information from reliable channels.
  • Second, curbing the spread of the virus and strengthening case identification can be done by professionals by tracking and isolating case contacts.
  • Third, save lives, save lives through early detection and early treatment.
  • Fourth, accelerate research. There are still many unknowns about the new coronavirus, and WHO will hold another meeting this week to assess the progress of research and development and the focus of the next phase of research.
  • Fifth, political leadership. Solidarity at the national and international levels is essential to curb the spread of the virus, save lives, and minimize the impact of the virus on society and the economy.

WHO also announced its latest epidemic response timetable on the same day, so that the public can understand the WHO’s epidemic response in the past 6 months and promised to continue to make every effort to serve countries.