At present, the death of a black man in Minneapolis, USA by violent law enforcement by white police has ignited fierce local protests and even riots, and has caused similar protests and riots in many parts of the United States.

Only on the evening of the 29th to 30th local time, demonstrations broke out in 33 cities in the United States, involving 22 states and Washington, DC.

On the 30th local time, the Governor of Minnesota Waltz announced that he would call the Statewide National Guard to maintain law and order. This will be the first time this state National Guard has made this decision. As of noon that day, there will be 2,500 National Guard members to start the operation.

On the evening of the 30th local time, people in Washington continued to hold demonstrations to protest the violent law enforcement incident by the Minneapolis police. Outside the White House, some protesters came to the White House, shouted slogans, and clashed with the police and secret agents. The police used a pepper spray to disperse the protesters.

According to CNN, following Mayor Eric Garcetti’s announcement to extend the curfew to the entire city, curfew measures have been implemented in 25 cities in 16 states. The curfew is implemented to protect people’s safety.

According to CNN statistics, curfews are currently imposed in at least 25 cities in 16 states, including Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in California, Denver in Colorado, Miami in Florida, Atlanta in Georgia, and Chicago in Illinois. Louisville, Kentucky, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Rochester, New York, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Ohio, Eugene, Portland, Oregon , Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Charleston, Columbia, South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, Salt Lake City, Utah, Seattle, Washington, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.