Car audio capacitor refer to electrolytic capacitors used in auxiliary circuits of car audio. It is an auxiliary component for high-end car audio CD player, MD player, DVD player and high-end power amplifier to improve the quality of audio reproduction.

The role of car audio capacitor in the circuit is:

1. Filtering: filter out many kinds of clutter in the power supply. Because the capacitor has the characteristic that the voltage at both ends of the electrode cannot be abruptly changed, the noise wave in the power supply is absorbed by the capacitor, making it before the power supply circuit enters the host of the car audio and the amplifier circuit contain.

2. Signal coupling: The basic function of the capacitor in the circuit is to only let the alternating current pass but not the branch current. The audio signal “flowing” in the host of the car audio and the power amplifier is an AC signal within a certain frequency range, and the AC signal can only pass through and be amplified when it forms a loop. To form a bias voltage in a transistor circuit, a resistor is required to form an amplifier circuit. The use of electrical components is a necessary condition to form an amplifier circuit, but it also has a negative effect on the AC signal path, which affects the passage of audio signals to a certain extent. The function of the capacitor is to make the AC path of the circuit smoother without changing the DC parameters of the circuit, so that the very weak signal in the audio signal can also be amplified, and the sound quality is also reduced due to the loss of the signal. Is even higher.

3. Energy storage: The energy storage function of the capacitor also utilizes the characteristic that the voltage across the capacitor cannot produce sudden changes. When the power amplifier outputs high-power energy, due to its energy storage effect, it uses the dynamic characteristics of its rapid response to quickly supplement the power amplifier circuit with sufficient energy to reduce the voltage drop of the forward power supply, creating the necessary working conditions for the normal operation of the power amplifier.

Car audio capacitorThe actual effect in the car audio circuit is:

1. It can reduce the noise caused by the power supply of the machine head and power amplifier.
2. When playing a large dynamic program source, reduce the nonlinear distortion of the amplifier due to the sudden voltage drop.
3. In an excellent car audio system (the role of the low-end car audio system is not obvious), because the loss of the signal in the circuit is smaller, it can make the mid-range section full; the high-frequency section is transparent Better, the sound is brighter; make the bass part more full and flexible. It has an irreplaceable role in improving the sound quality of car audio.