China has developed rapidly in recent years, and the Western world will become increasingly afraid of us. But if you know a little about Chinese culture, you will know that although China wants its country to become stronger, China has little interest in dominating the world. This has caused many people to have a question. China is so powerful that it does not compete for hegemony. So what is it pursuing? On this question, British expert Martin Jacques gave the answer in one word. In fact, there is a big gap between Chinese culture and the culture of the Western world, and to be precise, Chinese culture can be said to be unique in the world. It is precisely because of this that other countries have difficulty understanding our ideas, which will cause some problems for China. misunderstanding.

Chinese culture the power

Although China has experienced a painful period in modern times, before that time, China was also considered to be a powerful country. The term heaven is used to describe China. At that time, Premier Zhou Enlai once said that he was studying for the rise of China. In fact, this is also the pursuit of China in recent years. Martin once said that the choice and development direction of any country are related to the country’s cultural heritage, national conditions, trend of the times and other factors. It is also based on this theory that he believes that China will not dominate. After all, China has not recognized hegemonism in history. In addition, he also stated that China ’s core vision in China is eight words: the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at the international level The core vision is to advance the community of human destiny.

As mentioned above, China used to be a powerful country. It dare not say that it can conquer the world, but among the neighboring countries, there are very few who can compete with China. However, in that case, China did not blindly expand its territory. After all, if China really had this idea, China ’s actual territorial area was much larger than it is now. The reason why Western countries disregard reality and blindly promote threat theory is because they cannot understand Chinese culture.