Approved by the Nepalese government and promoted by the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Nigeria-China commercial flights officially resumed in September. In order to cooperate with the overall situation of domestic epidemic prevention and maintain the hard-won strategic results of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the unified domestic requirements, nucleic acid testing is implemented for Chinese citizens and foreigners who take commercial flights to China. Recently, our library has discovered several cases of positive nucleic acid tests, which not only damages the health of the parties concerned, but may also affect the normal operation of relevant flights.

Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Nepal continues to spread, and the number of confirmed cases remains high. The Chinese Embassy in Nepal once again reminded Chinese citizens in Nepal to strictly abide by Nepalese laws and regulations and various prohibitions during the epidemic, avoid unnecessary going out, and prevent virus infection. During the epidemic, home protection and reducing mobility are the safest ways to protect yourself. If there is no special urgent need, it is recommended to avoid rushing home. If you still decide to take the flight back to your country, please strictly abide by the relevant requirements of nucleic acid testing within 72 hours before boarding, and take care of yourself. Once the nucleic acid test is positive, they will not be allowed to board the plane. Asymptomatic people must be isolated at home for 14 days. After the 14-day quarantine period expires, if the nucleic acid test is negative again, they can take the flight back to China. If you have symptoms, please seek medical treatment in time. Close contacts on the same plane must undergo a nucleic acid test within 36 hours, and only those who are negative can board the plane.