New foreign trade regulations implemented in July

1. China’s cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision pilot is extended to customs across the country

On June 28, the General Administration of Customs issued an announcement, in order to further promote the healthy and orderly development of cross-border e-commerce and help companies to better explore the international market, it decided to replicate and promote cross-border e-commerce B2B in customs across the country on the basis of the existing pilot customs. Pilot export supervision.

2. The General Administration of Customs of China adjusts the catalog of import and export commodities subject to inspection

Customs supervision condition “B” is added to 24 10-digit customs commodity codes involving exported steel billets and pig iron, and the customs conducts export commodity inspections on related commodities.

3. China, Thailand and Mauritius mutually recognize the self-printing preferential certificate of origin

Enterprises can apply for the certificate of origin under the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. The destination countries are Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Enterprises can print the certificate by themselves without manual signature and seal. If the destination country is another ASEAN country, the method of applying for the certificate remains unchanged, and the certificate still needs to be manually signed and stamped.

New foreign trade regulations implemented in July4. The implementation of the new EU VAT regulations

Commodities imported from non-EU countries with a value of less than 22 euros will no longer be exempt from VAT.

5. The agent system of EU CE marked products

The European Union has issued 25 technical directives (each directive is for a specific product category). Except for medical devices, civil explosives, and certain elevators and ropeway devices, all products with the CE mark in the European Union are subject to this regulation.
For most products with the CE mark entering the EU from July 16, 2021, the product packaging must be affixed with the relevant information of the EU responsible person, otherwise it may be detained or returned by the customs. Please pay attention to the exporting company.

6. The EU makes a preliminary anti-dumping ruling on aluminum conversion foil products

On June 18, 2021, the European Commission issued an announcement to make a positive preliminary anti-dumping ruling on aluminum converter foil products originating in China, and decided to impose a levy on the enterprises involved in the case from the day after this announcement was published in the official gazette. The temporary anti-dumping duty for 6 months is 16.0%-29.1%.

7. The GCC will impose anti-dumping duties on aluminum alloy products

On June 15, the Technical Secretariat of the GCC’s International Trade Anti-injury Act conducted a review of aluminum alloy products imported from China (Plates, Sheets, and Strip, of aluminum alloys, of a thickness not exceeding 8 mm but greaterthan 0.2mm, except those polished, coated, heat treatable, and aluminium canstock used for beverage cans and its lids.) The anti-dumping case was finalized and it was decided to impose tax on July 22, 2021, with a tax rate of 33% and a period of 5 years.

8. India lowers the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of anti-epidemic related products

The Department of Revenue of India’s Ministry of Finance issued Announcement No. 05/2021-Integrated Tax (Rate) on June 14 to cancel/reduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for 18 items of Covid-19 anti-epidemic materials. ), until September 31, 2021.

9. New import regulations for oxygen concentrators in India

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India announced on May 1 that it will open the oxygen concentrator (Oxygen Concentrator) by mail/express or through the e-commerce platform to declare imports in the name of gift (Gift) for personal use until July 31, 2021.

10. Brazil cuts import tariffs on 23 products

The Executive Management Committee (Gecex) of the Foreign Trade Commission (Camex) of the Brazilian Ministry of Economy issued Announcement No. 197 on June 7 to reduce import tariffs on 23 products to ensure the normal supply of goods. The list includes agricultural raw materials, chemicals, printing inks and contact lenses. The above-mentioned products will be subject to tariff quotas, and import tax tariffs will be reduced to 0 or 2% for a maximum of 365 days.

11. Vietnam renews the new rules for the certificate of origin for export products to the UK

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam issued Notice No. 02/2021, stipulating the issuance of the certificate of origin of commodities involved in the “Vietnam-UK Free Trade Agreement” (UKVFTA). This regulation will come into effect on July 26, 2021.

12. The new Egyptian ACID import regulations originally scheduled to be implemented on July 1 are postponed to October 1

According to news on June 23, the new Egyptian ACID (Advanced Cargo Information declaration) regulations originally scheduled to be enforced on July 1, 2021 were postponed to October 1. At that time, for all imported goods, the consignee must first forecast the cargo information in the local system to obtain the ACI Number and provide it to the shipper. This (ACI) Number is required to be displayed on the bill of lading and manifest. If the ACID number cannot be provided, the goods will be forcibly returned to the port of shipment and a fine will be imposed!New foreign trade regulations implemented in July