Farad capacitors are also super capacitors.
The capacity of supercapacitors is much larger than that of ordinary capacitors. Because of its large capacity and the same external performance as a battery, it is also called a “capacitor battery”.
Supercapacitors are electric double-layer capacitors. They are the largest electric double-layer capacitors in mass production in the world. The basic principle is the same as other types of electric double-layer capacitors. They are composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolyte. The electric double layer structure obtains a large capacity.
Features of Super Capacitors:
(1) The charging speed is fast, charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;
(2) Long cycle life, deep charge-discharge cycles can be used up to 10,000 to 500,000 times, and there is no “memory effect”;
(3) High-current discharge capacity is super strong, energy conversion efficiency is high, process loss is small, high-current energy cycle efficiency ≥90%;
(4) High power density, up to 300W/KG~5000W/KG, which is equivalent to 5~10 times of battery;
(5) There is no pollution in the product raw material composition, production, use, storage and disassembly process, which is an ideal green and environmentally friendly power source;
(6) Simple charging and discharging circuit, no need for charging circuits like rechargeable batteries, high safety factor, maintenance-free for long-term use;
(7) Good ultra-low temperature characteristics, wide temperature range -40℃~+70℃;
(8) Convenient detection, the remaining power can be read directly;
(9) The capacity range is usually 0.1F–1000F.
Farad capacitors It is widely used in various fields of the national economy, including military products and civil electronic and electrical products. Under certain conditions, it can partially or completely replace batteries, which can make it revolutionize progress.