The European Commission announced a new plan on 17th to promote the sustainable development of the EU’s marine economy.

The European Commission issued a statement on the same day that a sustainable marine economy is essential to achieving the sustainable development goals of the European economy and ensuring economic recovery in the new crown epidemic. The EU will increase investment in the development of a sustainable marine economy to meet the financing needs of reducing marine pollution.

According to this plan, the EU’s main measures to promote the development of the marine economy will include: developing marine renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions from marine transportation, and achieving carbon neutrality and zero pollution goals; turning to a circular economy to reduce pollution; protecting biodiversity; Develop green infrastructure and protect the coastline; ensure the sustainable production of seafood; strengthen the management of marine space and promote cooperation in the sustainable use of the marine environment.

In its statement, the European Commission called on EU member states to make formal plans for marine space and invest in innovative technologies to deal with climate change and biodiversity crises by 2021.

Virgenius Sinkovicius, commissioner of the European Commission in charge of environmental, marine and fishery affairs, said that the marine economy provides at least 4.5 million jobs for the EU’s fishery and shipping industries and will play an important role in reducing emissions in Europe.