Many places in Europe have cancelled this year’s Christmas markets due to the epidemic. In view of the raging second wave of the new crown epidemic in Europe, due to epidemic prevention considerations, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Erfurt, France, Strasbourg, Czech Republic and other places announced the cancellation of this year’s Christmas market.

The Christmas market, also known as the Christmas market, originated in Germany and Austria in the late Middle Ages. It usually starts in late November and ends on December 24 each year. In the meantime, the bustling market is decorated like a fairy tale world, both romantic and full of human fireworks. People taste traditional food there and buy small commodities.

Deutsche News Agency reported on the 27th that following the cancellation of Christmas markets in Frankfurt and Erfurt, the most famous and largest Nuremberg Christmas market in Germany also announced the cancellation. This market can attract more than 2 million people each year, including foreign tourists who come here.

The city of Nuremberg initially planned to open a “shrinked version” of the Christmas market this year and strictly enforce epidemic prevention regulations, but finally announced the cancellation of the Christmas market on the 26th. Mayor Marcus Koenig said in a statement: “This is a very difficult decision. The traditional Christmas market belongs to Nuremberg.”

The Strasbourg Christmas Market in France and the Prague Christmas Market in the Czech Republic were cancelled on the 22nd and 26th respectively.