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Xuansn Capacitor Culture-Love care class

On December 24, 2022, in order to further deepen the civilized sharing plan for enterprise employees, deliver services to the "doorstep" of enterprises, and open up the "last mile" of contact and service for enterprise employees, the New Era Civilization Practice Center and Books The staff of the library walked into the Xuansn Capacitor Culture Love [...]

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Graphene supercapacitors-Activated carbon of carbon-based electrode material

Graphene supercapacitors is a special kind of capacitor with unusually high conductivity and large surface area, which is superior to similar products in the process of energy storage and release. 🌱As one of the most abundant elements on earth, carbon plays a vital role in human life and social development. Located in group ⅣA in the [...]

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Xuansn capacitor supplier-Successfully hold flower arrangement activities

On the evening of November 29, 2022, hosted by the Xiegang Town Federation of Trade Unions, undertaken by Lucky Star Flower Shop, and co-organized Xuansn capacitor supplier, the flower art salon with the theme of "Flower Fragrance Joys Life, Praise for the New Era" was successfully held in Chuanghui Industrial Park . The purpose of the [...]

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Xuansn capacitor-Mental Health Lecture

💐In order to improve the mental health level of employees, relieve workplace pressure, popularize mental health knowledge, enhance employees' self-psychological adjustment capabilities, and enable employees to devote themselves to work and life with a healthy attitude, a strong physique, and abundant energy,December 2022 On the morning of the 4th, the Xiegang Town Federation of Trade Unions [...]

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Ultracapacitor-About Supercapacitor Introduction

1.1 Historical development of Ultracapacitor Ultracapacitor first appeared in the middle of the 18th century. Pieter Van Musschenbrock of Leiden University in the Netherlands and Ewald Geory Von Kleist of Germany developed the Leiden bottle, which is recognized as the prototype of all capacitors. In 1879, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz discovered the interface double electric [...]

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SuperCapacitors-Introduction to Metal Oxide

✨Metal oxide (hydroxide) is currently the material with the highest specific capacitance and energy density. In addition, it has the advantages of rich raw materials, diverse morphology and structure, low resistance and high power density, and has become the recognized preferred material for supercapacitors electrodes. 🌟The supercapacitors with metal oxide as electrode material belongs to Faraday [...]

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Xuansn Capacitor丨Held management ability improvement training class

On November 9-10, 2022, Xuansn Capacitor Electronics specially invited Mr. Huang Haijian from Renben (Dongguan) Education and Culture Consulting Co., Ltd. to the company to bring a two-day course "Enhancing the Management Ability of Manufacturing Enterprise Team Leaders" for all managers. . With the teacher's eloquent speech and the wholehearted dedication of all the students, the [...]

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Shunt capacitor device丨Operation maintenance management

1 Precautions for the operation and maintenance of filter and shunt capacitor devices 1.1 Monitoring of capacitor unbalanced current operation 🌟One of the most important functions of the AC filter and the shunt capacitor is to provide reactive power for the DC system. When the reactive power does not meet the absolute minimum filter (the absolute [...]

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Follow-up acceptance during installation of filter and shunt capacitor devices

1. The Importance of Equipment Installation Tracking 💐The DC converter station usually shoulders the important task of interconnecting large-scale power grids and transmitting electric energy with high power. The safe and stable operation of a single station often determines the safe and stable operation of the large power grid system, and the safe and stable operation [...]

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The manufacturing process of power capacitor

Power capacitor are the most important equipment in AC and DC filters and shunt capacitor devices in DC converter stations. Understanding and mastering the production process of capacitors has certain practical significance for us to better maintain equipment and deal with faults during equipment operation. I. Overview 🌱Capacitors have strict production processes in equipment manufacturers, and [...]

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