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Frequency Characteristics of Ceramic Capacitor

👇1. Q value and frequency characteristics of ceramic capacitor ⭐️The capacitance of the class Ⅰ of ceramic dielectric capacitors (such as COG) is substantially invariant with frequency over the entire usable frequency range. Q value and resonant frequency are important indicators when high-frequency/super-frequency capacitors are used in bad resonant circuits. High-frequency/ultra-high-frequency capacitors with excellent performance have [...]

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Film capacitors failure analysis and countermeasures?

🪐1. Failure of normal use The failure of film capacitors can be the failure of normal use, and the probability of such failure is extremely low, and generally small batch applications may not be considered. Except for the very low probability of failure in normal use, the most common failures of film capacitors are caused by [...]

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What is the relationship between capacitor failure rate and application conditions?

🎈The failure rate is an important parameter of the quality and reliability of electronic components. In addition to the manufacturing level, the failure rate has a lot to do with the application conditions. 💡The main factors that affect the capacitor failure rate during application are operating temperature and operating voltage. The relationship between the failure rate [...]

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What are the advantages of metal film capacitors?

🌟Metal film capacitors have obvious advantages over metal foil electrode capacitors, that is, "self-healing" ✨“Self-healing”: The vacuum deposition metal attachment directly attached to the plastic film is only 20-50mm. If there are weaknesses, defects or the dielectric strength of the insulator in the mixture in the insulator is exceeded, the insulator will be broken down. The [...]

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The purity of electrolytic capacitor electrode aluminum foil

🔊The purity of electrolytic capacitor electrode aluminum foil listed in the standards of China, Japan, the United States and other countries is as follows. 🌟In addition to purity, high-purity aluminum foil with the same aluminum purity will also cause differences in capacitor performance due to different trace impurities. At the same time, it will also have [...]

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Processing of anode electronic aluminum foil

🤚🏾 The electronic aluminum foil used in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, whether it is anode foil or cathode foil, requires the use of aluminum ingots to go through a complicated process to make foil materials. 🤚🏾 Generally, the cathode foil manufacturing process is relatively simple, as long as the continuous casting and rolling paperboard is used, and [...]

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Classification of electrolytic capacitors

🤚🏿In practical applications, the electrolytic capacitors can be classified in more detail according to the different metal materials and shapes of the anode valve of the electrolytic capacitor, the voltage level, the packaging form, or the different electrolyte forms, the use of the capacitor and the working environment, Easy to choose when applying. ⭐️1. Classified by [...]

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Performance characteristics of electrolytic capacitors

🌟In the last article, we introduced that electrolytic capacitors have high specific capacitance, self-healing characteristics and high working electric field strength. 🌟Today, we continue to introduce the performance characteristics of electrolytic capacitors: ✨Large rated capacity: Since the anode of the electrolytic capacitor is manufactured by processes such as electrochemical corrosion foil or powder sintered porous block, [...]

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Characteristics of paper dielectric film capacitors

Characteristics of paper dielectric film capacitors ⭐️Paper dielectric film capacitors are the earliest film capacitors. They are wound capacitors with capacitor paper as the medium and aluminum foil as the electrode. They are available in sealed and semi-sealed structures. ⭐️The dielectric coefficient of capacitor paper is about 2.2. Because it is made of plant cellulose, it [...]

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