The US government announced a few days ago that it will continue to impose 15% tariffs on European aircraft manufacturer Airbus’s large civil aircraft, while maintaining an additional 25% tariff on more than 100 other EU products. This decision aroused dissatisfaction with the European Union and its member states. Some analysts believe that this move may lead to EU countermeasures and the short-term trade dispute between Europe and the United States will be difficult to resolve.

U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer said that the EU and its member states have not yet taken the necessary actions to comply with WTO rulings. To this end, the U.S. will open new procedures with the EU to reach an agreement to ensure that U.S. companies have a level playing field and correct damage to American aviation. The behavior of the industry and its employees.

The European Union urges the United States to immediately withdraw this retaliatory tariff. The European Union previously stated that in order to push the US to remove tariffs, Airbus Europe has revised some of the transaction terms that may trigger disputes, including raising the interest rates it should pay on French and Spanish government loans. Airbus said in a statement that it regrets the US decision and calls on the EU to take appropriate measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of aviation and other industries. Santos, vice chairman of the European Employers’ Association, Europe’s largest industrial lobby, condemned the United States for pursuing unilateralism and trade protectionism, saying that its approach runs counter to the mechanism of resolving trade disputes through negotiation.

European Commission Trade Commissioner Hogan pointed out that under the current economic situation, it is very urgent to end trade disputes. The EU will continue to actively engage with the U.S. Trade Representative in order to reach a settlement. “In the event that no settlement is possible, the EU is prepared to make full use of its sanctions. “. It is reported that the WTO plans to make a ruling against the European Union against Boeing for illegal subsidies in September. The European Union is expected to be approved to impose retaliatory tariffs on Boeing. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the European Union has drawn up a countermeasure list worth US$20 billion, which is bound to trigger a confrontational move by the United States.

“Trade disputes have led to the rise of protectionism, severely damaged the global trading system, and brought challenges to global economic governance.” Nicholas Veron, a senior researcher at the Bruegel Institute, a well-known EU think tank, told our reporter that the current US government upholds the “U.S. With the “priority” policy, coupled with the imminent US election, it is difficult for the EU to resolve this trade dispute through negotiations in a short period of time. He believes that in addition to bilateral negotiations, the EU should also work with countries that support multilateralism to maintain free trade and the multilateral trading system, resolve trade disputes through international trade arbitration institutions, and avoid falling into endless trade disputes with individual countries.