May 31. China’s vaccination campaign is progressing rapidly. On May 28, China’s new crown vaccination dose exceeded 600 million, which is only 5 days after the 500 million dose on May 23. The American “Wall Street Journal” published an article that if China can maintain such a speed, it is expected to change people’s expectations of the recovery speed of emerging markets in Asia and the world.

According to reports, on May 27 alone, China’s new crown vaccination volume reached about 20 million doses. The article said that in the medium term, China’s accelerated vaccination rate is expected to accelerate the return of tourism to Southeast Asia, which is urgently needed by the local economies that have been hit by the epidemic.

The report pointed out that in Thailand, Chinese tourists usually account for about a quarter of the total number of tourists, while inbound tourism generally accounts for more than 10% of Thailand’s GDP. Even if it is still unlikely that the border will be opened significantly in 2021, it is a big plus to advance the prospect of opening the border to 2022.

Existing data have proved that the vaccine of China Kexinghe Sinopharm is effective. According to reports, the Chilean Ministry of Health reported that the statistics of the 10.2 million members of Chile’s state-run medical insurance system show that China’s Coxing vaccine is 65.3% effective in preventing symptomatic infections of new coronary pneumonia, and is preventing deaths caused by related infections. The effective rate is 86%.

The World Health Organization approved the emergency use of China’s Sinopharm vaccine three weeks ago. The test data released by WHO shows that the vaccine is more than 70% effective in preventing symptomatic infections, which is similar to Johnson & Johnson vaccine and AstraZeneca vaccine.

According to the report, this is good news, because the ability of the two Chinese companies to manufacture vaccines is related to the fastest possible global vaccination campaign, especially for developing countries. And the faster the vaccination progress, the faster the problem of herd immunity can be solved, and the stricter travel restrictions in Asia are expected to loosen sooner.