The 127th Canton Fair opens next Monday. This Canton Fair will set up 50 exhibition areas according to 16 categories of products. All exhibits will be displayed online during the same period from June 15 to 24. It will integrate online display, promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation, etc. Integrate to form a one-stop all-weather online hosting new model.

The official website of the the 127th Canton Fair has five major sections: exhibitors’ exhibits, news and events, global supply and procurement, conference services, and cross-border e-commerce zone.

The Exhibitor Exhibits section is a platform for enterprises to upload exhibits. Enterprises can upload products through pictures, videos and other formats, or they can choose their own display templates, upload VR virtual booths, and build exclusive exhibition centers. Buyers can inquire about products or enterprises and visit the virtual booths of enterprises.

The supply and purchase docking section provides honest background information for both parties to the transaction, supports exhibitors and buyers to publish supply and demand information, strengthen online matching, and provides links to some video conferences and social software to facilitate the use of both parties.

The news and events section scrolls news and exhibition information to enhance real-time and interactive experience. And provide live marketing services, set up a 10×24 online live broadcast room for each company.

For the live broadcast part that everyone is most interested in, the Canton Fair official guidelines indicate that exhibitors have at least one live broadcast room in the exhibition area, and the maximum number will be determined based on the company’s exhibition area and number of booths. There is no national or regional restriction on the location of the live broadcast event in the live broadcast room of the participating companies, but the host is required to have both a mainland Chinese ID card and a mobile phone number in mainland China. It is worth noting that the live broadcast room of the participating companies does not provide the video link function. In addition, if you want to play the pre-recorded video in the live broadcast room, you can play the pre-recorded video on the computer arranged by the enterprise, and broadcast the screen content through the third-party push streaming software downloaded in advance. After the playback is completed, the system will automatically Generate playback video. Exhibitor accounts can watch the live broadcast through the live broadcast hall, and can enter their own live broadcast room to reply to comments from the live broadcast assistant port, but there is only one live broadcast assistant account in a live broadcast room.

About 25,000 Chinese companies participated in the 127th Canton Fair. A total of 4268 companies participated in the exhibition in Guangdong, with a total of 13,000 booths, accounting for 21.7% of the number of booths nationwide.