220uF 10V Capacitor Radial Electrolytic RoHs Certification

  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Capacitor type:Electrolytic
  • Design:Radial
  • Capacitance:220uF
  • Voltage:10V
  • Pitch:2.5mm
  • Size :6.3*11mm
  • Max. Temperature:105°C


220uF 10V Capacitor Introduction:

The 220uF 10V capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor designed for various electronic applications that require a moderate capacitance value. With a voltage rating of 10 volts, it provides reliable performance and energy storage capabilities. This product page provides an in-depth analysis of the 10V 220uF capacitor, including its definition, structure, characteristics, applications, and a summary of its key features.

220uf capacitor

220uF 10V Capacitor Definition:

The  capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor with a capacitance value of 220 microfarads (uF) and a voltage rating of 10 volts. It is an electronic component that stores and releases electrical energy in applications where moderate capacitance is required.


Parameter Value
Packaging Bulk
Capacitor Type Electrolytic Capacitor
Design Radial
Capacitance 220uF
Voltage 10V
Pitch 2.5mm
Size 6.3*11mm
Max. Temperature 105°C


This capacitor features a cylindrical shape with a radial design, meaning its leads are positioned at one end of the capacitor. It is typically encapsulated in an aluminum can, with a dielectric material and an electrolyte separating the electrodes. The positive and negative terminals are clearly marked for correct polarity connection.


  • Capacitance: The 220uF capacitance value allows this capacitor to store a moderate amount of electrical charge.
  • Voltage Rating: With a maximum voltage rating of 10 volts, this capacitor can safely handle voltages up to that limit without compromising performance or reliability.
  • Size: The 10V 220uF capacitor typically comes in a compact size, measuring [insert dimensions], making it suitable for applications with space constraints.
  • Temperature Range: It is designed to operate within a maximum temperature of [insert maximum temperature], ensuring stability and reliability in various environments.
  • Low ESR: This capacitor offers low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), reducing power losses and enhancing overall performance.


The 10V 220uF capacitor finds applications in various electronic circuits, including:

  • Power Supply Circuits: It is commonly used in power supply filters and decoupling applications to smooth out voltage fluctuations and reduce noise.
  • Audio Circuits: The capacitor is suitable for audio applications, such as coupling and filtering, ensuring optimal audio performance.
  • Voltage Regulation: It can be employed in voltage regulator circuits to stabilize and regulate voltage output.
  • Timing Circuits: The capacitor can be utilized in timing circuits, enabling accurate timing intervals.


The 10V 220uF capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor designed for applications requiring moderate capacitance and a voltage rating of 10 volts. Its compact size, low ESR, and ability to withstand a range of temperatures make it suitable for various electronic circuits, including power supplies, audio applications, voltage regulation, and timing circuits. With its reliable performance and energy storage capabilities, the capacitor is an essential component in modern electronic systems.