The first online Canton Fair in history officially met with foreign traders today. From June 15 to 24, the 10-day 127th Canton Fair was completely free for exhibitors and buyers.

Exhibition scale

  • There are about 25,000 Chinese companies participating in the Canton Fair, and 50 exhibition areas will be set up according to 16 categories of commodities.

Buyers watch the exhibition

  • In this Canton Fair, overseas buyers do not need to register in advance, they can log in at any time during the opening of the exhibition to register for the exhibition and negotiate purchases. In addition, the Canton Fair organizer specially carried out a series of buyer trainings to help overseas buyers understand the overall functions and operating procedures of the Canton Fair online platform, and provide “one-to-one” service guidance for key buyers to ensure that the buyers “understand and learn Yes, it will work.”

Exhibition interface

The official website of the Canton Fair has five major sections: exhibitors’ exhibits, news and events, global supply and procurement, conference services, and cross-border e-commerce zone.

  • Exhibitor Exhibits
    Enterprises can upload products through pictures, videos and other formats, or choose a display template that suits them, upload a VR virtual booth, and build an exclusive display center. Buyers can inquire about products or enterprises and visit the virtual booths of enterprises.
  • News and Events
    Scroll the news and exhibition information to enhance real-time and interactive experience. And provide live marketing services, set up a 10×24 online live broadcast room for each company.
  • Global supply and purchase docking
    This section provides honest background information for both parties to the transaction, supports exhibitors and buyers to publish supply and demand information, strengthen online matching, and provides links to some video conferences and social software for both parties to use.
  •  Assembly services
    Provide exhibitors with various supporting services such as trade promotion, customs and finance.
  • Cross-border e-commerce zone
    Establish links with 105 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas and 6 cross-border e-commerce platforms, and simultaneously carry out marketing activities to expand the benefit of enterprises. If enterprises need to exhibit on the third-party e-commerce platform, they can apply directly according to relevant requirements after the list of relevant platforms is announced.

Other highlights

  • On June 15th, the Canton Fair will hold an online launch ceremony, in addition to a series of new product launches, and it is expected that more than 60 industry leading companies will showcase innovative products. In addition, other activities such as large-scale e-commerce procurement briefings and customs latest policy briefings will be held.