On July 20, the 15th Moscow International Aerospace Exhibition kicked off. Russia announced that the second fifth-generation warfare opportunity made its debut during the exhibition. It is understood that this new stealth fighter uses a single-engine design with a take-off weight of about 18 tons and a maximum flight speed of Mach 2. The Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the new Russian stealth fighter will become an important competitor of the American F-35 fighter.

In order to demonstrate the importance of the new stealth fighter, Russia has set up an exclusive exhibition hall for it. The exterior wall of the exhibition hall is painted with a huge “general” word, which means that the Russian side regards the new stealth fighter as a decisive weapon on the battlefield.

The mature and reliable Su-57 has already entered service in batches. Why is Russia eager to develop a new stealth fighter? Obviously, this is to make up for the shortcomings.

After Su-57’s public appearance, all parties have been questioning its stealth ability.

It is undeniable that when developing the Su-57, the Russian aviation technology unit faced a situation of tight time, heavy tasks, and insufficient funds, and had to sacrifice some stealth capabilities in order to advance the project as soon as possible. However, now that it develops new stealth fighters, Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation is already at ease. It can not only learn from the mature and successful design of the Su-57, but also can calmly make up for its performance deficiencies.

In addition, the cost of a single-engine stealth fighter is relatively low, and the Russian Air Force can equip them in large quantities to replace old models such as Su-25, Su-24, and MiG-29 as soon as possible, forming advantages of scale and technology.

In terms of combat use, the new single-engine stealth fighter can better evade the enemy’s early warning aircraft and radar search, stealthily attack, secretly fight, and directly take the key on the complex aerial battlefield. Just like a high-ranking chess player, he can use the unexpected coup “general” to win with one move!

As Russian military expert Alexey Leonkov described, “The design of this stealth fighter’s profile and landing gear shows that it is a light fifth-generation fighter, and its appearance is not exactly the same as that of the Su-57. The wing swept angle is larger. This aircraft can be used to fight for air supremacy, can also be used for ground attack, and has a low-altitude penetration capability.”

At present, the United States and its allies are stepping up the deployment of stealth fighters in the surrounding areas of Russia in an attempt to create an “F-35 encirclement.” Russia is equipped with a large number of new stealth fighters, which can counterbalance NATO’s military containment and more effectively guard the air frontier. Russia understands that for a military power, it is not enough to have only a stealth fighter!

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation has released a promotional video for the new stealth fighter. In the propaganda film, the foreign air force pilots seemed to receive notifications on their mobile phones, and then went to the airport to meet Russia’s new stealth fighter. The signal of the promotional video is very clear, the new stealth fighters must be exported as soon as possible!