How to measure the quality of high-voltage capacitors
Everyone knows that the voltages of high-voltage capacitors are 1KV, 2KV, 3KV, etc. Recently, I have seen some friends suggest how to judge the quality of their 10KV high-voltage capacitors. In fact, the method is very simple. I hope it can also help novices to solve this problem. problem.

To judge the quality of high-voltage capacitors, it is mainly to judge whether there is internal breakdown! It can be measured with a shaking table (note that after the measurement, use a wire to discharge between the two poles, otherwise you will suffer electric shock). There are two other test methods as follows:

1. Use a multimeter to directly test the resistance at both ends. If you are using a pointer multimeter, like most capacitors, you can see the pointer swinging from small to large. See if the resistance returns to infinity.

2. It is connected to 220v AC mains in series to see if the bulb can light up normally. Determine whether the capacitor still has capacity. Whether the preliminary test is normal.

How to improve the life of high voltage capacitors
How to improve the life of high-voltage capacitors is a topic we have always been concerned about. According to this topic, I will tell you about the life of high-voltage capacitors. As long as you understand clearly the factors that determine the life of high-voltage capacitors, you can carry out targeted maintenance to increase the lifespan.

1) Current capability

Large overcurrent, long life of the capacitor

2) Partial discharge

This is the bottleneck of many domestic manufacturers. The larger the size, the harder it is to handle partial discharge.

However, after our long-term market practice, we found that the more the partial discharge is connected to 0PC, the better the performance and life in all aspects. For example, in the high-frequency pulse circuit, the partial discharge is small, and the ability to withstand high-frequency pulses is stronger. Longer life

3) Frequency characteristics

The frequency characteristic is often determined by the medium of the capacitor. That is to say, no matter whose product it is, as long as the same ceramic medium is used, the frequency characteristic of the capacitor is the same. For the same reason, a better frequency characteristic is used. The porcelain manufacturer, his capacitor will have a longer lifespan, so pay attention to the choice of materials when choosing a capacitor

4) Voltage level

Usually the voltage of the CT8G series capacitors we marked on high-voltage ceramic capacitors refers to DC voltage, but in practical applications, military products use DC voltage, and the power industry uses AC voltage to determine the life of a capacitor. Or the quality is good or bad, we can first judge from the voltage, whether it is used in military, civilian, or industrial use, everyone should remember that there are only capacitors with high AC voltage levels. The life of high-voltage capacitors is equivalent to indirect cost savings. Therefore, we must understand the source of the factors to be able to solve the problem.