On the 10th local time, WHO Director General Tan Desai said at a regular press conference that the new crown vaccine should be provided as a global public product to all people in need. He also called on leaders of all countries to make political commitments to adopt the same procedures and guidelines to develop new crown vaccine. He also said that the WHO will not tolerate the use of a country as a vaccine testing ground.

Tan Desai recalled that more than 100,000 new cases were reported every day in the past 9 days worldwide. By June 7, this number exceeded 136,000 in one day. Tan Desai said: “Of the cases reported on the 7th, 75% came from 10 countries, most of which are located in the Americas and South Asia.” “The number of new crown cases in most countries in Africa is still increasing, and some reported cases have appeared in new cases. Geographic area.” Tan Desai added: “We also see an increase in the number of cases in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.”

At the same time, Tan Desai said he was encouraged that several countries in the world have seen positive signs. But he also warned that “complacency” is the biggest threat to these countries. Tan Desai emphasized: “We will continue to urge active surveillance to ensure that the virus does not rebound, especially when various mass gatherings begin in certain countries.”

Tan Desai said that when accelerating the development of vaccines and treatments, it is also necessary to ensure their fair distribution to everyone. WHO will work with partners to do this, but political commitment is also crucial and is the key to ensuring that any vaccine will be a global public product.