International Day of Missing Children In 1983, the US government designated May 25 as the day of disappearance of children, and began to coordinate official forces across the country to address the issue of missing children. Later, this form was used by many countries for reference and eventually formed the International Day of Missing Children.

International Day of Child Disappearance, May 25, 1979, a teenager named Etan Patz disappeared on his way to school in New York, USA. His father did not hesitate to find a child, and even printed a photo of his son on a milk bottle Unable to deal with the growing dissatisfaction with the disappearance of children, and finally prompted the Reagan government to declare May 25 as a child disappearance day in 1983, and began to organize departments across the country and coordinate government forces to deal with the problem of child disappearance. The form was used by many countries for reference, and eventually formed the “International Day of Missing Children” activity.

International Day of Missing Children
Facing the increasingly rampant child traffickers, it is not enough to just tell the children, “Do not eat the candy given by strangers” or “find the police if you can’t find your mother”, and teach your children the skills of self-help.

The following is the “Most Complete Child Anti-Abduction Guide” released by Guanwei. I hope everyone will take a look!

1. Child

  • When the child can speak, teach the child to recite the name of the city and community, the name of the family member, the family phone number, etc .;
  • Teach the children to identify the uniformed personnel. Once the children are lost with their parents in shopping malls, supermarkets, parks and other public places, immediately find the uniformed staff;
  • Wear items with family-related information to the child, and the transmitter and positioning mobile phone can be worn on the child if conditions permit;

2. The elderly

  • When handing over the children to the elderly at home, be sure to bring the elderly to familiarize with the surrounding environment of the house, tell them which places may be unsafe, and try not to take the children
  • Wear communication tools such as mobile phones to the elderly, and at the same time store their mobile phones with the alarm calls of the nearest police station of the family, and teach them to call the police.

3. Nanny

  • When choosing a babysitter to take care of children, you should be hired through a regular housekeeping company or introduced by a reliable acquaintance, remember to keep a copy of their ID card and a recent photo of life, and check their home phone, address and other information

4. Teacher

  • It is agreed with the teacher that good children can not be handed over to strangers when they go to and from school. If parents cannot pick up and drop off personally, they must confirm with the teacher in time.
  • When the older child is missing, he must communicate with the teacher in time. If the child has mood swings recently, do the students understand their whereabouts?

5. Home

  • Always remind family members and nannies to raise awareness of prevention, and close the door at all times. Don’t open the door easily if you are not a family member or someone you are very familiar with.
  • Do not leave your children at home or go out to play alone, and do not take your children to play in desolate and remote places. If you want to leave the child at home, you can consciously put a few pairs of adult shoes at the door and tell the child not to open the door for strangers.

6. Public places

  • In parks, communities, shopping malls and other public places, there are often people who talk to each other and praise the children for their cute and beautiful appearance. People and friends and colleagues who claim to be a family member or relative, should also be alert to strangers using babies of the same age to take the baby away from their parents for the sake of playing together.
  • Do n’t hand over the newborn to unknown medical staff in the hospital. The child ’s personal information, such as name, time of birth, birth hospital, etc., should not be disclosed to strangers. When the medical staff proposes to take the baby for examination, the family should Follow a piece. In the evening, the mother and her family remember to lock the door when they rest in the ward. In the past, the suspect was dressed up as a medical worker, and the child immediately disappeared after receiving the child from the mother and family.
  • In shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places, parents should try to use special baby slings, hang the child on their chests, or tie the child’s clothes to the trolley with a strap, because the child is not easily taken away.
  • Once the child is lost in a public place, in addition to calling the police immediately, people should be hunted through parks and shopping mall broadcasts. The child should also be taught to go to the help desk and uniformed staff for help after being lost on these occasions

7. School entrance, on the way to school

  • School-age children should be picked up and dropped off by their family members. Otherwise, they should go to school with their classmates. Do n’t choose a remote place when walking. Try to walk on the sidewalk opposite to the locomotive lane and walk inside. Cases have occurred from time to time.

8. Journey

  • If you take your child far away, you must pay more attention to it in the car. There are premeditated aunts or self-proclaimed fellow traffickers who will seize every opportunity to hug or take care of the children when the parents are busy. The child may have disappeared when he recovered.