How to simply judge the quality of motherboard capacitors from the appearance? You can start with the following aspects:

Distinguish by color: black capacitors are the worst, green capacitors are better, and blue capacitors are stronger than green ones. Therefore, the filter capacitors around the CPU that we generally see on the motherboard are green, while some other places are black.

The difference from the index: the range of capacitor voltage is very important. You can see the words “+, -” on the capacitor. This is the withstand range of the capacitor voltage. The smaller the value, the better the capacitor.

Look at the capacity of the capacitor: According to the Intel motherboard technical white paper, the minimum single capacity of the filter capacitor near the motherboard CPU socket is 1000μF. Generally, the motherboard uses 1000μF electrolytic capacitors (very careful calculation), and on the original Intel motherboard The single capacity of such a capacitor is as high as 3300μF, which is one of the reasons why everyone respects the stability of Intel motherboards.

At present, some motherboards like to use a small number of large capacitors to replace a bunch of small capacitors, so the cost is increased from the perspective of materials, but the production cost is reduced, because these capacitors are manually installed. The fewer parts, the fewer manual installation steps, the lower the labor cost, the relatively convenient maintenance, and the lower production costs. This is a digression, so I won’t say more. In short, a motherboard with outstanding performance must have high-quality capacitors.How to judge the quality of motherboard capacitors?