Fire Safety

In order to promote the “enterprise” work of fire safety publicity, we will effectively strengthen the enterprise’s fire safety awareness and escape and self-rescue ability, and resolutely prevent and resolve major fire safety risks and hidden dangers. This afternoon, the  Fire Rescue Brigade carried out in-depth fire safety drills.

The drill simulation is that a fire broke out in one of our workshops, the fire spread rapidly, and there were trapped people in the workshop. The officers on duty immediately called the police when they discovered the “alarm situation”. Afterwards, the Xie Gang Fire and Rescue Brigade rushed to the scene, divided their work according to the fire-fighting and rescue plan, and carried out the rescue. After searching and rescuing the trapped people, organizing the orderly evacuation of personnel, and fighting the fire, the entire drill was successfully completed. The atmosphere of the whole drill was tense and the rhythm was tight, which allowed the employees of the company to learn and master the common sense of fire emergency and improve the response speed of the emergency rescue team.

Afterwards, the firefighters also explained fire safety knowledge and the use and precautions of fire extinguishers to the employees of the enterprise on the spot, and organized the employees of the enterprise to practice the fire extinguishers. In addition, the firefighters also checked whether the escape channels in the factory area are unblocked and whether the fire emergency facilities can be used normally, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers of fire safety in the factory area in time. It is reported that through this exercise, the fire safety awareness of the company’s employees and the ability to deal with initial fire and escape have been further improved, and they are familiar with basic fire fighting skills, which has laid a solid foundation for the continuous and stable fire safety situation in the jurisdiction.Your Content Goes Here

Next, XUANSN Electronics will carry out more safety production training activities to strengthen employees’ safety awareness and skills.