Filter capacitor is a kind of energy storage device to improve high efficiency and smooth DC output. The features of filter capacitor are:

♦  Low temperature rise

The harmonic filter circuit is composed of a capacitor series reactor, which forms the lowest impedance at a certain harmonic order to absorb a large amount of harmonic current. The quality of the capacitor will affect the stable absorption effect of the harmonic filter, and the service life of the capacitor is The temperature has a great relationship. The higher the temperature, the lower the service life. The filter full film capacitor has the characteristics of low temperature rise, which can ensure its service life.

♦  Low loss

Dielectric loss tangent value (tgδ): ≤0.0003.

♦  safety

In line with GB and IEC standards, the internal single capacitors are equipped with protection devices; when the circuit or single capacitors are abnormal, the protection device will act immediately and automatically cut off the power supply to prevent secondary disasters. It is equipped with a discharge resistor to ensure the safety of electricity and maintenance. The shell is made of steel stamping, and the inside and outside are coated with high temperature baking paint with good weather resistance, which is very safe.

♦  Convenience

Small size and light weight, extremely convenient for transportation and installation.

Low temperature rise, low loss, safety and convenience are the features of filter capacitor.