(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) EU tax reform temporarily reduces VAT on new crown vaccines

China News Agency, Brussels, December 7 (Reporter De Yongjian) On the eve of the start of the new crown vaccination, the European Union announced on the 7th that the new crown vaccine and virus detection kits will temporarily reduce value added tax, and the deadline will be December 31, 2022 or announced by the EU Until the new value-added tax scheme.

According to the announcement issued by the European Council, the Council passed the amendment to the EU VAT Directive on the same day, allowing member states to temporarily exempt or reduce the value-added tax rate on the new crown vaccine, virus detection kits and related services to ensure the new crown vaccine And the price of virus detection kits is affordable.

EU tax reform temporarily reduces VAT on new crown vaccinesThe announcement also stated that only eligible new crown vaccines approved by the European Commission or member states and virus test kits that meet the requirements of relevant EU regulations can enjoy VAT reductions and exemptions, and the period will be until December 31, 2022 or the EU announces a new value-added tax plan. until.

Previously, the EU VAT directive stipulated that member states could not exempt vaccines from tax, and virus test kits could not enjoy tax reductions. As the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Europe, the European Commission proposed at the end of October this year to reduce or exempt new crown vaccines and virus test kits. Taxes, thereby reducing their prices and covering more people.

On the 7th of the tax reform, the EU is preparing to start the new crown vaccination. On December 1, the German Biotech Company, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Modena of the United States, which developed the new crown vaccine, applied to the European Medicines Agency for conditional marketing authorization. The European Medicines Agency will apply for a conditional marketing license on December 29 and Separate decisions will be made on January 12 next year. If approved, the first batch of vaccinators in the EU will receive the new crown vaccine.

EU tax reform temporarily reduces VAT on new crown vaccines