Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 16th that the upcoming China-Africa Solidarity  Anti-epidemic Summit will not only further gather consensus on China-Africa Solidarity and Anti-epidemic, and promote new developments in China-Africa cooperation, but also Support multilateralism and strengthen international anti-epidemic cooperation to inject new impetus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will host the China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic  Summit in Beijing on June 17 and deliver a keynote speech. The special summit was jointly initiated by China and the African Union’s rotating presidency, South Africa, and China-Africa Cooperation Forum’s co-chairman, Senegal, and will be held by video. Leaders of African countries such as the members of the Bureau of the African Union Summit, the rotating presidency of important subregional organizations in Africa, and the chairman of the African Union Commission will be invited to attend. The Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Director-General of the World Health Organization participated as special guests.

Zhao Lijian said that China has always attached importance to the development of China-Africa friendly cooperative relations and is committed to building a closer China-Africa community of destiny with African countries. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, China and Africa have watched and helped each other, fighting side by side with the epidemic, and China-Africa relations have been newly improved.

Zhao Lijian said that the current global epidemic situation is still grim, and the epidemic situation in Africa is also developing. Holding this special summit of China-Africa Solidarity and Anti-epidemic at this critical moment, once again highlights the brotherhood of China-Africa solidarity, not only will it further consolidate the consensus of China-Africa Solidarity and Anti-epidemic, to promote new development of China-Africa cooperation, but also will certainly support multilateralism Doctrine and strengthen international cooperation in the fight against epidemics have injected new momentum. At the same time, he said “China is willing to work with all parties involved to jointly promote the summit to a complete success.” “