On August 5 local time,European Commission issued a statement on the beirut explosion in Lebanon. The statement pointed out that the European Union expressed shock and sadness over the serious casualties caused by the Beirut explosion in Lebanon. and expressed sympathy and condolences to all those who lost their loved ones. The EU stated that at this difficult time, the EU is willing to provide full support to the Lebanese people. In addition, the statement mentioned that the European Union is currently urgently coordinating the deployment of 100 high-quality first responders, including rescue vehicles, search and rescue dogs, and other supplies and other equipment. They will cooperate with the Lebanese authorities to carry out rescue work to save lives. So far, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Greece have confirmed to participate in this rescue operation; France, Germany and Poland have also expressed their willingness to provide assistance through the operation; other EU member states can also provide corresponding support. In addition, the statement also stated that the European Union has used the Copernicus satellite system to assist the Lebanese authorities in assessing the extent of the damage caused by the explosion.

On August 5, Lebanese Information Minister Manal Abdul said in an interview that the Lebanese government has established an investigation committee to investigate the cause of the explosion in Beirut Port. If it helps to find out the truth of the accident, Lebanon has no objection to launching an international investigation into the explosion. On the same day, Lebanon’s Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud also stated that 300,000 Lebanese were displaced by the explosion. As of 21:00 on the 5th local time, the Lebanese explosion has caused at least 135 deaths, more than 5,000 injured, and dozens of others missing.