The difference between MPK and CBB capacitors. The difference between these two capacitors is not easy to use. The following describes the differences and usage of CBB22 capacitors and MPK capacitors.

  • The difference between MPK and CBB capacitors performance

The main difference between safety capacitors and CBB22 capacitors is the outer encapsulation method. The flame retardant performance and sealing of the box structure of safety capacitors are relatively better, but the current CBB22 basically adopts the impregnated type, and the problem of sealing is solved. Intrinsic electrical performance structure CBB22 series Some manufacturers use aluminum film production, and some use zinc aluminum film production. The production of zinc aluminum film is similar to the electrical performance of safety capacitors. It is characterized by its ability to withstand DC voltage. The characteristics of the aluminum film structure product are that the loss is smaller than the zinc aluminum film, and the ability to withstand high-frequency AC voltage is strong, but the DC voltage resistance is not as good as the zinc aluminum film.The difference in usage CBB22 cost is lower than MKP. In many places (almost all places), the electrical performance can replace MKP under the condition of meeting the actual DC voltage.

  • The difference in use of MPK and CBB capacitors

MKP capacitors are mainly used for EMI incoming line filtering, CBB capacitors are mainly used for oscillation, coupling, resistance-capacitance buck and other circuits; CBB22 cost is lower than MKP, and it can replace MKP in terms of electrical performance under the condition of actual DC withstand voltage.The nominal rated voltage of the MKP capacitor is 250/275VAC (x2), but its DC withstand voltage must reach 2000VDC2S; while the CBB22 capacitor withstand voltage standard is only 1.6 times the rated voltage and so on.

  • The difference between MPK and CBB capacitorsfrequency

The induction cooker MKP capacitor is marked with a frequency (50KHZ), and it is found that this capacitor is used in the electromagnetic induction half-point bridge circuit. .For the frequency problem, many signs are 50~60Hz, but it can also be used at 20~60KHz. Some lines are higher. The difference is that the AC voltage under different frequency conditions is mainly determined by the power on the capacitor. standard value.

  • The difference in the selection of MPK and CBB capacitors

When choosing and distinguishing CBB22 capacitors and MKP61 capacitors, attention should be paid to the insulation performance of the capacitors.