1. A solder pin  electrolytic capacitor, comprising an aluminum shell, characterized in that: the aluminum shell is provided with electrolytic paper, the electrolytic paper is wrapped with anode foil and cathode foil, and both the anode foil and the cathode foil are connected with lead strips. The outside of the paper is rolled into a core package by adhesive tape, the upper part of the lead strip is connected with a sealing cover plate, the sealing cover plate is equipped with terminals, the aluminum shell is equipped with electrolyte, the outside of the aluminum shell is covered with a sleeve, and the bottom of the aluminum shell is provided with a gasket.

solder pin aluminum electrolytic capacitor

2. According to requirements 1, a solder pin  electrolytic capacitor, characterized in that: the sealing cover plate is composed of composite bakelite and butyl glue.

3. According to requirement 1, a solder-pin aluminum electrolytic capacitors, characterized in that there are three pairs of lead strips, and each pair of lead strips is used as a positive and negative output respectively.

Solder pin aluminum electrolytic capacitors have excellent high frequency, long life, high reliability, and high ripple current characteristics
1. +85℃~+105℃ when durability is 3~8 years
2. It has excellent high frequency, long life, high ripple current and high reliability characteristics

1. Used in industrial grade variable frequency speed regulator capacitor demand, servo control capacitor demand, switching power supply capacitor demand, PC power supply capacitor demand, industrial power supply.
2. Used in professional stage audio capacitor demand, power amplifier capacitor demand, and automotive electronic capacitor demand medium.
3. Used in industrial-grade energy storage welding machine capacitor demand, UPS high-power power supply capacitor demand, communication power supply capacitor demand, computer capacitor demand, high ripple electric vehicle capacitor demand, electric train capacitor demand, frequency conversion adjustment Speed controller capacitor demand
4. Used in industrial-grade welding machine capacitor demand, inverter capacitor demand, CNC machine tool capacitor demand, variable frequency power supply capacitor demand, automotive electronic capacitor demand, and electrical control capacitor demand.
5. Special purpose electronic and electrical equipment and other DC and pulsating circuits