X2 safety capacitor 124K long life factory direct sales

  • Electric capacity: 0.12uf
  • Voltage: 275VAC
  • Tolerance: ±10% (K); ±20% (M)
  • P: 15.0mm
  • Size (W*H*T*D): 18.0*13.0*6.5*0.8mm


X2 safety capacitor 124K long life

X2 safety capacitor 124K has a long service life, will not evaporate, expand, or burn, so it is very safe, and is widely used in electronic products such as air conditioners, high voltages, automobiles, chargers, adapters, and ballasts.

X2 safety capacitor 124K long life

ltem Characteristics
Reference standard GB/T 14472(ICE 60384-14)
Climatic Category 40/100/21
Rated Voltage 250V/275VAC
Capacitance 0.0022µf~4.7µf
Capacitance Tolerance ±10%(K);±20%(M)
Voltage proof 2100VDC (2S)
Dissipation Factor ≤0.001 (20°C, 10KHz)
Insulation Resistance


≥15000MΩ  CR≤0.33µf

≥5000S        CR>0.33µf

Film Capacitor — X2 safety capacitors


X2 0.12uf275VAC Film Capacitor
W: 18.0mm
H: 13.0mm

Application field

Products are widely used in power supplies, chargers, digital products, communication systems, LED drivers, intelligent systems, drones, automotive electronics Audio, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic products.


What should I pay attention to when using X2 capacitors?

1. Ensure that the safety capacitor x2 used is a standard product produced by a regular manufacturer.

Capacitors for suppressing power supply electromagnetic interference: When capacitors are used in power supply cross-line circuits to eliminate noise, not only normal voltages, but also abnormal pulse voltages (such as lightning) must be considered, which may cause capacitors to smoke Or catch fire. Therefore, the safety standards of cross-line capacitors have strict regulations in different countries, so safety-certified capacitors must be used.

2. It is not allowed to use DC capacitors as cross-line capacitors:

At the same time, it is not allowed to use DC capacitors as cross-line capacitors. The X2 type capacitor for suppressing electromagnetic interference of power supply should be suitable for occasions that will not cause electric shock when the capacitor fails, such as the power supply is connected across the line, and can withstand 2.5kV pulse voltage.

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