2.7V 150F SuperCapacitor Long Life Use For Energy Storage

  • Maximum working current:8.14A
  • Maximum peak current:81.00A
  • Maximum leakage current:0.500mA
  • Power density:2499W/kg
  • Maximum energy:0.1519W.h
  • Energy Density:4.34Wh/kg



Before we delve into the specifics of our 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor, let’s explore the fascinating world of supercapacitors and how they’re revolutionizing energy storage. Supercapacitors, also known as ultracapacitors or electrochemical capacitors, stand at the forefront of energy storage technology. Unlike traditional batteries, which rely on chemical reactions to store energy, supercapacitors utilize a fundamentally different mechanism based on electrostatic energy storage.

Understanding Supercapacitors:

Supercapacitors consist of two main components: electrodes and an electrolyte. The electrodes are typically made of high-surface-area materials, and the electrolyte is an ion-conductive solution. When a voltage is applied, ions in the electrolyte accumulate on the surface of the electrodes. This process stores energy electrostatically, rather than through chemical reactions, making supercapacitors capable of rapid charge and discharge cycles.

Supercapacitors are characterized by their capacitance, which measures their ability to store electrical charge. The higher the capacitance, the more energy a supercapacitor can store. In this context, our 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor is a remarkable example, with a capacitance of 500 farads, making it a potent energy reservoir.

Why Supercapacitors Matter:

Supercapacitors offer several advantages:

  1. Fast Charging and Discharging: They can rapidly deliver or store energy, making them ideal for applications that require quick bursts of power.
  2. Long Cycle Life: Supercapacitors can endure thousands or even millions of charge and discharge cycles, leading to a longer product lifespan.
  3. Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, they reduce operational costs and the need for frequent replacements.
  4. Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Supercapacitors do not contain hazardous materials, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable energy solution.

Now, armed with a foundational understanding of supercapacitors, let’s delve into the specifics of our 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor and explore how it can power your projects and devices with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-High Capacitance: With a capacitance of 150F, this supercapacitor provides an immense reservoir of electrical energy, ensuring rapid power delivery when you need it most.
  2. Low Voltage Operation: Operating at just 2.7V, our supercapacitor is perfect for low-voltage applications, offering a safe and versatile solution for your energy storage needs.
  3. Long Cycle Life: Designed for durability, this supercapacitor boasts an extended cycle life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, which ultimately saves you time and money.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: Its compact and lightweight design facilitates easy integration into your projects, allowing you to maximize energy storage without compromising space or weight constraints.
  5. Robust and Safe: Engineered with safety in mind, this supercapacitor offers a robust construction that minimizes the risk of leakage and other potential hazards.
  6. Fast Charge and Discharge: Enjoy lightning-fast charging and discharging capabilities, ensuring that your devices and systems can respond quickly to changing power demands.


  • Instant Power Availability: Our supercapacitor ensures that you always have access to instant power, making it ideal for applications that require rapid energy bursts.
  • Cost Savings: With its long cycle life and minimal maintenance requirements, you can reduce operating costs and extend the lifetime of your products or systems.
  • Environmentally Friendly: This supercapacitor is free from hazardous materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy storage solution.
  • Versatility: From consumer electronics to industrial machinery and renewable energy systems, the 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor is a versatile choice for various applications.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Experience increased energy efficiency and optimize power usage in your projects, ultimately saving energy and resources.


Explore the limitless possibilities for our 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor:

  • Consumer Electronics: Power portable devices, wearables, and gadgets with ease.
  • Automotive: Utilize regenerative braking systems and enhance vehicle performance.
  • Renewable Energy: Store energy from solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable sources.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Enhance the efficiency of machinery and equipment.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: Ensure reliable power for aviation systems and spacecraft.
  • Medical Devices: Provide critical power backup for medical equipment.
  • IoT Devices: Enable efficient energy storage for the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

How It Works:

Our supercapacitor stores energy electrostatically, with ions accumulating at the electrodes during charging and releasing energy when needed. Its high capacitance and low voltage make it an ideal solution for energy storage.

Installation and Integration:

Integrating the supercapacitor into your project is straightforward. We provide clear instructions and support to ensure seamless installation, making it accessible for engineers and hobbyists alike.

Safety and Maintenance:

Our supercapacitor is designed with safety as a top priority. It is free from toxic materials and has built-in safety features. Maintenance is minimal, reducing the hassle and cost of upkeep.


Q: What is the lifespan of this supercapacitor?

A: The supercapacitor is designed for a long cycle life, with thousands of charge and discharge cycles.

Q: Can I use it in my IoT project?

A: Absolutely! Its compact size and low voltage operation make it suitable for IoT applications.

Q: Is it safe for use in consumer electronics?

A: Yes, our supercapacitor is free from hazardous materials and is safe for use in consumer electronics.


In summary, the 2.7V 150F Supercapacitor is a game-changing energy storage solution that combines high capacitance, low voltage operation, and long cycle life. Its compact design, safety features, and fast charging capabilities make it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. Make the smart choice and power your projects with our supercapacitor.

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