Polyester capacitors is also called CL11 (PEI) capacitor, which is vacuum encapsulated with epoxy resin, which improves the mechanical strength and moisture resistance of the product, has good stability, high reliability, high insulation resistance, small loss, small size and light weight , Low price, widely used in the DC and pulse circuits of TV sets, tape recorders and various electronic instruments. It is often used as a bypass capacitor, and its capacity price ratio and capacity volume ratio are better than electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors.

What role do polyester capacitors play in the circuit?

Polyester capacitor is an indispensable basic component in electronic products. It acts as a filter, oscillation, power decoupling, bypass and coupling of pulsating signals in the circuit.

Main features of polyester capacitor:

Small size, in polyester film capacitors, it belongs to a relatively small class of capacitors, light weight; good stability, high reliability; lead wire is directly welded to the electrode, low loss; inductive structure, polyester film, epoxy Resin encapsulation.

Polyester capacitor belonged to the most widely used type of capacitors in the past. For example, old-fashioned radios in the past have used a lot of polyester capacitor. Now, many applications have been replaced by film capacitors. It has many functions, such as filtering, DC blocking, coupling, oscillation, parallel connection to increase capacity, and series connection to adjust capacity.