The metallized paper capacitor is to evaporate a layer of metal film with a thickness of 0.1μ on the capacitor paper coated with cellulose acetate as the electrode, and then use this metalized paper to wind into a core, spray gold on the end surface, and install The lead is put into the shell and packaged. Metallized paper capacitor have the following characteristics:
①Small size and large capacity. Under the same capacity, it is smaller than paper capacitor.
②Because the electrode film is very thin, when the capacitor is broken down by high voltage, the metal film at the breakdown will be quickly evaporated under the action of the short-circuit current, so it has the ability to self-heal.
③The tgδ is extremely small in the audio range, and the tgδ is 0.01~0.012 at 1kHz.
④The stable performance, aging performance and insulation resistance of the capacitor are worse or lower than those of porcelain, mica, and plastic film capacitors.
⑤The capacity range is wide, generally 6500pF-30μF. Metallized paper capacitors can be widely used in automation instruments, automatic control devices and various household appliances, but not directly used in high-frequency circuits.